Caturday Cats

Thanks for the coffee, human- but you forgot the whipped cream. Can we go back to playing now?

Here’s why you need a cat- or 2, or, 4 ….

Everyone knows we cats are great companions, but we’re a lot more than that. We watch over our Can Openers in a ton of different ways- (after all, we can’t operate a can opener)-

But did you know we also help our humans around the house (besides chasing those mice and eating flies and spiders)? For example, we prevent you from slipping on your floor and getting hurt, by making sure we throw up on the carpet or your bed instead. You’re welcome.

We also help you learn how to properly care for us- like when you serve us something unacceptable and we just walk away, or bury it-(hint, hint)!

And when you try to bathe us and we claw you and run dripping through the house. Get a clue!

We’re also very concerned about the welfare of our human Can Openers (and the little Can Openers in training)… For example, we’re always happy to help you avoid those annoying trips to the vet…saving you money!

You’re welcome.

And we’re always willing to help entertain the little Can Openers or other pets in the house-

And we never mind helping keep the dog from chasing the postman or the neighbors (or us)-

Disclaimer: While we cats can help eliminate a lot of problems with dogs, unfortunately we cannot stop them from chasing parked cars.


11 thoughts on “Caturday Cats

  1. Mew mew mew Twilight an Sushi what a GRATE post!!!
    That black kitt lookss like mee as a kitt…..
    An THE 2 catss sorta stuck are two cute fore werdss!
    An Poochie iss heelareeuss!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum


  2. We did step 1 this morning: we walked away from a formerly favorite treat. Now we just have to figure out step 2 – telling her what our new favorite is. Any suggestions? Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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    1. Sounds like you’re off to a great start! Now, consistency is key- no matter how hungry you are, DON’T TOUCH those treats again- otherwise, she’ll just think you had a tummy ache or something and she’ll keep pushing the same thing over and over.

      The key is to get her to think INSIDE THE BOX! I look on Amazon when the Can Opener leaves the computer up to go go in the kitchen, and by the time she’s made her coffee, I’ve selected my brand, and flavor and (ignore those tiny bags)- I manage to “accidentally” bump the key so that the big “value size” box is on the screen when she gets back to the computer.😹

      Then she’ll think “hey, that’s not a bad deal!” and the next thing I know, we have a huge box of treats delivered to the door. Only problem is, she’ll say, “Hey, wait- I didn’t order this-?”

      That’s when Sushi pretends to be asleep and I run outside. Either way, we get the treats!😻

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