Have you ever wondered…

Turn off the light, Can Opener. You can read later.

Why does your cat sleep on you ?

All cats are different, but I notice that Sushi insists on sleeping with the Can Opener – every night. I sleep in the same room, but I prefer my comfy box under the bed behind the dust ruffle so I don’t get cold from the fan, and I can keep a closer eye on those monsters under the bed.

Sushi though, will only sleep in her under- the – bed- box if the Critters are here and she needs some space. The rest of the time she’s super-glued to the Can Opener. She even follows her when she goes outside! I had to ask why- and Sushi just ignored me and kept snoring, so I went looking for answers myself… This guy answered for me.

I think he really understands cats- because he described perfectly the things I always do to let my Can Opener know I’m crazy about her. As for Sushi, well- she’s just crazy.

I don’t think he should let his cats give him a shave anymore, though.


9 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered…

  1. Mew mew mew mee likess to sleep on BellaSita’ss bed on MEE OWN blankit on MEE side of THE bed Twilight an Sushi…
    Shee iss on left an mee iss on rite.
    Mee has mee own pillow an pet bed an blankit on mee side an BellaSita has her own pillow an blankit on HER side!!
    It werkss best that way!! 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. The Can Opener puts a baby blanket on the side where the hubster used to sleep, and her teddy bear (that the oldest Critter got her for Christmas- and the stuffed Llama 0- (the last present hubster bought her before he died)- she positions on Sushi’s blankie. Sushi yells at her at 8:55 pm every night when she wants to be “tucked in”- and after two treats and being tucked in, Sushi falls asleep immediately! 😹


  2. My Sammy used to sleep in my hair. I miss him so much. His sister, Joanie gets in with us toward morning. And Emmy sleeps at the foot of the bed. XO


    1. Sushi sleeps right next to the Can Opener every night. At 9:00 sharp, she starts “yelling” at the Can Opener to be tucked in. I prefer my spot on top of the computer desk- right under the air conditoner/heater!

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