What Cats Hate…

Just like people, we cats have our pet peeves too…

Cat Pet Peeves

People don’t realize a lot of things about us cats- for example, just like humans have their pet peeves, so do we. Here’s a few examples of some of the things that Cats really, really don’t like;

When our humans start “eating right,” they become paranoid about the food we like, and start buying us “healthier” (tasteless) food.
They don’t notice, or don’t appreciate our creative efforts when they do notice.

They never take our advice.
They don’t like it when we play with the visitors.

Even though we’re totally innocent,
they don’t trust us.
They get upset when we drop in on the neighbors to check out their menu.

And here’s another pet peeve we have… watch and beware!

Take notice, Can Openers. We know where you sleep.


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