When your cat gets bored

I wonder where I could buy a rocket?

Did you know that cats are “mental?”

Not many people realize that cats need mental stimulation. We like to have challenges- and puzzles- they keep us happily occupied and ease boredom. People hate to be bored, but not many people realize their pets don’t like it anymore than they do.

Boredom leads to depression and feelings of lonliness in people and animals. What do cats do when they get bored and have to find ways to entertain themselves?

Here are a few examples;

We look for experiments to perform. Results may vary.
We may even get bored enough to try to help with laundry. The other pets in the house just may need a good washing.
We may also try to lift the spirits (and bodies) of the smaller pets in the house.
If you’re not good at interior decorating, we may volunteer to help change things up a bit.
Why, we may even help you “put away” the groceries!

Need some treats put away? We’ll help! 😹😹


14 thoughts on “When your cat gets bored

  1. OMC!! I giggled and giggled at these memes today! Just what I needed!!

    OUr first kitty Groucho was a super gravitational experimenter, too…he even pushed a boom box off the shelf once….almost hit our then toddler in the head…yikes. Toddler said: ‘O-na-na-BOOM! ‘ (O-na-na was his word for the radio…)

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  2. BellaSita Mum allwayss buyss mee a few mew toyss efurry month. Mee purrtendss mee not like them butt mee playss with them when shee iss asleep Twilight an Sushi…
    Gotta keep her on her toesiess! 😉
    All THE Memess are funny butt mee fae iss “HOT DONUTSS”….that iss mee ‘helpin’ BellaSita when shee bringss our grocereess home!
    Mew mew mew BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum

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