Sushi’s Meme Monday

I’m starting the day with some Giggles!

The Can Opener told me this morning that I’m the cutest tortie in the world- and you know? I think she has a point! She especially loves my green eyes and my white paws- (she has a thing for paws)- but she also loves what she calls my “cattitude!”

I’m glad she likes cattitude, because I’m loaded with it! I also love these other kitties who think just like I do- with CATTITUDE!

“Trust the science!” ๐Ÿ˜น
I keep trying this on the human- but she’s too fast for me!
She’s trying to get me to do this too….
Just try it, human. My claws are sharpened and ready. (And that size wouldn’t fit me anyway).


9 thoughts on “Sushi’s Meme Monday

  1. Furabuluss Monday Memess!!!
    Wee confurred an mee an BellaSita Mum love THE Kitty inn jackit Meme best!!!
    Toetally kewl cat…..
    Mee just had a bunch of dried ‘Nip…like sumone wanted to get mee stoned so mee sleepss……not gonna happen…Naw Huh…
    Mee iss wide awa ………..ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    *signing off for BellaDharma
    *Hehehehehe* BellaSita Mum

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