Sunbathing Sushi

I found a purrfect spot under the lilac tree! I think I’ll stay here (until it gets too hot)…

Hot again today- But I got a spot…

Yesterday it was hot enough to melt the mailbox. I tried to go out and lay on the front doorstep in the evening like I normally do, but it was too hot. I turned right around and collapsed onto the cool floor inside, while the Can Opener reminded me, “I told you sweetie it was going to feel like an oven! Come back to the couch!”

The next thing I knew, I was being hoisted up and placed on the couch on my favorite soft blankie. She handed me my silvervine and a treat, and I could feel the air conditioning and fell asleep right away.

Today she suggested that I go out early (right after she watered the garden)- so I did, because for once, it wasn’t cold in the morning. But then, I noticed a nice grassy spot I hadn’t noticed before. Right under the lilac tree. I claimed it before Twilight could!

Oh yes. Nice and cool and shady. Soft grass and the occaisonal butterfly comes along to say hello.

But now, she says I have to come in. I’ve been out here since 9:00 this morning (loving it)- but now it’s 3 in the afternoon and things are getting hotter. Back to the couch!


13 thoughts on “Sunbathing Sushi

    1. My human made sure of it once the clouds went away and it started coming out full sun- I wasn’t happy with her at first, but I have to admit, I love snuggling by her on the couch with the air conditioner on us. She covers me with my light red fleece blanket when she thinks It may be too cold on me. I love that. (But don’t tell her).😹


  1. Grate video Sushi!! Mee does have water bowlss inn 3 roomss an mee has all sortss of hidey spotss. Wee have blackout drapess here an they are closed from sun-up til wee get shade on patio around 2 Pee Em.
    BellaSita Mum addss water to mee wet food to make sure mee not et hydrated.
    An Aunty Sheila’ss fan iss on floor an ossylattin back an forth to keep mee kewl.
    If mee has to go out inn Condo on patio inn Sunshine, mee even as a sunbrella to deeflect Sun rayss!
    An there ISS Sunscreen fore Kittiess??? Who mew sushi?
    \You look so happy under THE Lilac bush….enjoy yoreself. Butt bee carefull two!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {hugss}} BellSita Mum

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    1. It sounds like your Can Opener is really considerate of your needs- we like Can Openers like that. We have two new felines coming around to join the family- We think they both were abandoned by their owners (possibly evicted)? Our Can Opener is doing her best to take care of them until we find out what their story is. Sometime Monday (after work and a 4.5 hr. mandatory webinar to finish up the last requirement of her training , Our Can Opener will introduce them.

      I wasn’t sure about this at first- but the Can Opener has made it abundantly clear to them both that WE (and my Mama Cat) come first and that they can’t mess with us. She seems to already have them trained to leave us and my Mama alone.

      We’ll see.


      1. Well, he’s trying really hard- but Moon told him that if he tries to chase Twilight off-(or her Mama), it’s not going to happen! He doesn’t mess with me- I give him a look and he growls and runs out)!! Mol!


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