Morning Coffee with Sushi

The Can Opener left me all alone to go to work. She’s going to hear about it when she gets home!

The Can Opener cut my grooming short

She said she had to go to work- I know she won’t be gone too long, but the problem is that she’s leaving at all! I don’t like it. She finally finished all her classes yesterday (which is why I couldn’t get her to type for me)- but today she still has too many distractions (like work, baking, important calls and appointments to make, and getting ready for the Critters to come tomorrow for the day). The usual unimportant stuff.

In other words, everything but poor, abandoned, adorable me. I’m going to pout now- but boy, is she going to get an earful when she gets home today! I’m going to realign her priorities whether she likes it or not!

Until then- I’ll be busy plotting….


16 thoughts on “Morning Coffee with Sushi

  1. Mew mew mew Sushi mee thinkss Turtle Love has a point! You gotss to have $money$ to buy food an treetss an toyss an littur…
    So maybee wee shuud just let our Hu’manss’ out fore a while… they can get THE $money$ an get THE Foodabullss an Toyss 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ***giggellss** BellaSita Sister

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