Morning Coffee with Sushi



A couple of mornings ago, The Can Opener sat down in the living room rug to play with Twilight – (Twilight loves to hide under big pieces of paper and attack the toys the human teases her with)- and when she was done playing, she went outside while the Can Opener made a fresh cup of coffee, then sat down and put me on her lap to brush me.

It was heavenly. I was purring as she brushed me, talked to me and rubbed my ears – then I smelled something that alerted me (and the human) that something wasn’t right- we both looked up and there was THAT!

A strange cat had just cruised right in the backdoor and helped himself to Twilight’s paper roll and started making himself right at home!

Hey- word on the street is, You’ve got great cat food here. How about a sample? And thanks for the toys!

I think I scared Mom when I reacted to him, because I made my hot displeasure known- not only because an intruder had invaded my castle, but because on account of that THING, Mom picked me up and moved me off her lap to go deal with him! NOT FAIR.

He looked at me as if to say, “deal with it, sweetheart- I’m not going anywhere.”

Mom went to him to chase him out of the house, and noticed he didn’t have a collar on- and he came right to her immediately, plopped down at her feet and rolled over, wanting to be petted. She realized then, that this was clearly not a feral cat- they will always run away and definitely don’t want to be handled by a stranger.

He also is very healthy- but, she noticed a wound under his “armpit”- a small wound, but it was definitely open. As if someone (or something) had sliced him – (about a 1/2 inch long). He also was covered with burs (meaning he most likely had been hanging out on the bikepath / stream behind our house). He was starving – and it was really hot outside (100 degrees). He seemed relieved to find a cool spot and a dish of cool water.

She said she knows the neighbors and their pets around here – but he doesn’t belong to any of them – but a lot of people have moved out (or been evicted)- recently – and since he doesn’t behave like a feral cat, and is begging for love (as well as food) everytime he comes around, she says she thinks someone moved out and left him behind.

So being that she saw a wound on him and that he was covered with burs all over the place, she put a blanket in the carpet and got the kitty kit out, and decided to try and clean his wound and remove the burs and see if she could help him. Thanks a lot, Mom. Wait til I tell Twilight!

After all she did to take care of him she started looking to find an owner- no one seems to know anything about him. But he won’t stay away. When she put him outside after tending to his needs, he growled- and turned around before she could shut the door and came back in! He refuses to leave!

And (of course) the Critters (and everyone else) love him.

So the Can Opener is planning to take him to the vet as soon as she can to get him checked and see if he has a chip so If he’s lost, he can be returned to his owners. And if not, she wants to get him fixed – (but he doesn’t look broken to us). Our fear is that after all that, she may find out he’s not chipped and keep him! But, the Critters’ parents just may adopt him- because he’s “SOOOOOO CUTE AND LOVEABLE!- AND, He’s a Russian Blue!”

Oh yay.

Until then, it looks like we’re stuck with “Mr. Smokey!” *tail flap*


27 thoughts on “Morning Coffee with Sushi

  1. Oh meow is me, what a purrdicament! How did he get inside to begin with?!? I don’t know if your situation is worse or mine, when the staff went out an purrposfully adopted the younger ones….. Beware, your can opener might not stop at rescuing cats and might think all sorts of sad stories need help. Purrseidon

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    1. Oh yes- That’s my greatest fear. After all that’s the reason Twilight and I got adopted! She sees a kitty and her heart turns to melted marshmallows! She left the back door open a few inches so Twilight could let herself in if she got too hot outside. And “Mr.Smokey” took advantage of it!

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      1. Ah, that explains how he got in!
        The staff found me living feral, but everyone else, except Poi the lizard I’m not allowed to eat, was a rescue. At least your can opener confines herself to primo pets – cats. We’re only half (and that is if one doesn’t count the chickens) of the residents.

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  2. Wow, now that would be unsettling for sure…having said that, your Can opener is so kind and caring that she took good care of him…Mr Grey?…and well, at least he’s friendly!

    If he has a chip and an owner…would you give him back if you knew he was just left to fend for himself?? Not us!

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  3. Gosh ! What a dilemma ! We are glad the kitty is letting The Can Opener tend to him at least – but we can understand how upset you are !

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  4. Mistur Smokey Bandit iss furry clevurr!! Hee mew where to o fore help Sushi!
    Russian Blue catss are one of BellaSita’ss fave breedss….shee iss **swoonon** over here!
    Like you, mee iss like PHOOEY! Iss just a cat…
    FYI~~~ NEVURR meow that to Missus Cee-O. Mee mowed that to BellaSita an shee gave mee such a look! OY! Mee went to mee bed an let her kewl off.
    **nose bumpss** BellaDharma an ((hugss) BellaSita Sistur

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  5. OMC! That’s just like our story except our stray has only been on the inside porch, not in the house. Mom’s taking him to the vet on after she gets back from vacation on the 15th. We may be getting a brother too. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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