Twilight’s Tips for Humans

You make me feel safe, Mom. You were always my favorite!

The Can Opener is my favorite human.

I love our human. At first I was upset and didn’t want to share her with Sushi. But Sushi was so relieved and happy when she joined our family, that I started to warm up to her a little. She wasn’t trying to steal my Can Opener’s affection, she just needed to feel secure and loved. She had been ignored and neglected for a long time by her previous “owner” and her feelings were hurt. But soon after coming here, she started to feel calmer and she loves our human. So do I.

When the Backup Can Opener was still here, he used to complain because both Sushi and I followed Mom everywhere, and we love to play with her and settle in on her lap every chance we get – and he could never understand why we didn’t treat him the same way – (even though we loved him too).

Let’s play a little longer, Mom- Sushi won’t mind!

There were some basic differences, though. While we loved him too, we just felt more special with the Can Opener. After all, she always talks softly to us, and she grooms us, and gives us back scratches, and treats – and plays with us- and she was always the one who fed us and took us to the vet. He would pet us sometimes, but not really interact with us. So, of course, we bonded more with our Can Opener.

Mom says this is something that a lot of cat “parents” experience. She understands us kitties a lot more than he did- because he didn’t have kitties growing up, so he didn’t really understand us. And he tried to relate to us the same way he used to relate to his dogs.

That doesn’t work for cats. So, we looked up this video to help humans understand that we cats – well, we’re not dogs. So in case some of you humans wonder why your cats seem to have a favorite person (and it’s not you)- this may help you understand us felines a little better. We always love all the humans in our house- but some humans are a little irritating (noisy)- or, they don’t respect our need for peace when we want to be left alone…

Or some may even remind us of someone who hurt us or was mean to us before. Nothing personal, but memories are memories, after all. And even humans have automatic responses to unpleasant memories.

So grab some popcorn and watch and learn why some kitties respond the way they do.

Now be a good little human and watch the video!

19 thoughts on “Twilight’s Tips for Humans

    1. We’ve missed you too! Things finally seem to be calming down a a little for the Can Opener – she’s trying really hard to get back to her normal schedule-(that is, when she can chase Sushi off the laptop- that thing must be made of steel)! Enjoy the video!

      *I love Mr. Sir!* 😻

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  1. Even when both members of a cat parenting team love and understand kitties, there may still be those kitties in the furmily who ‘pick’ their favorite peep! That happened here, esp with Pipo & Minko. Not so much with the other four. But Pipo & Minko had more time with us alone because the unfurbros were not here anymore.

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  2. Our mom is a lot cuddlier than dad ever was. Snoops didn’t really appreciate that until dad passed because dad had a better lap. Mom says to tell you that she really likes Hermes. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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    1. Yes- My husband loved them but wasn’t involved in their care, and would pet them a little, but that’s pretty much it. Twilight knew he had cancer though, before we did. When he started getting sick enough that it impacted everything I did every day (or that he did)- she started laying on him or with him. It broke my heart that she also was inside (and watching) as he drew his last breath. She is still very affected by his loss.

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      1. My husband died at home. When they came to get his body, Snoops watched the whole process. She followed them to the door, then ran to the window in the next room to watch them load him into the care. It still breaks my heart to think about it. Cats can be extremely empathetic. I’m sure Twilight is still morning the loss of your husband

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      2. I know exactly how it you feel. My husband died here at home too as we all were standing at the bedside- and Twilight was right there – she also watched them come in and put him in a body bag and take him out. I stood there as if I was watching it happen to someone else and somehow it just didn’t feel real. I still have my moments (unless I stay busy)- where I can’t really believe it. But here we are.

        Twilight is really sensitive too. But you know, it really helps knowing someone else out there knows exactly what I’m experiencing. I’m so sorry you had to go through it too.

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