Caturday Crack-ups

Happy Caturday- I just came in from partying outside all night- I’m staying inside where the air conditioning is today.

Just sayin.’

Happy Caturday!


27 thoughts on “Caturday Crack-ups

      1. BellaSita meowed shee tooked capsuless….they upset her tummy…..that iss probably why!
        Shee takess 2 Tummy meds; Bee P med; Tylenol Gelcaps 2-3 timess a day; 2 kinds of sleep medss at nite an if pain iss seevere Codeene….Her tummy will not even accept chewy vitaminss even! 😦

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      2. Oh my! I have never tried the capsules- The powder is just so much easier and has never bothered my tummy- I hope she can find a type that she can tolerate (type 1 & 3 work great for me)!


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