How to Train Your Humans

Later, Sushi- I have a lesson to do.

Help them Catify!

I haven’t posted a lesson for you would-be respectable cats for a while, because I’ve had my paws full around here with the critters, Sushi, and the would-be feline home invader, Smokey.

But he got me thinking… of course, if he is lost, or was left behind by a family who moved out, he needs a home, and cuddles, and food- and of course, flea treatment (for the love of Ceiling Cat, PLEASE)!

But whether a cat moves in to a home by manipulation (Smokey is good at that)- or by invitation, a respectable cat still needs to know how to train his “owners.”

Now, Smokey hasn’t been adopted (but he sure is trying)- because the Can Opener has her paws full already -(and the whole neighborhood loves him and wants him).

But for you cats who are adopted, here are a few pointers you help you train your “owners” to your specifications.

For one, help them “Catify” the house to your liking….

Claim the computer- so you can sell the other pets on ebay and make sure they’re not looking at videos of other cats.
Once you snuggle up on a lap, don’t let them get up.
Make sure they take you surfing on demand. Cats need entertainment too.
Don’t let them back-talk you.

And make sure you tell them how to fix your castle to your liking…

Make your design choices clear to the Resident in charge. Otherwise, catification won’t happen.


25 thoughts on “How to Train Your Humans

  1. It’s often hard to get up and do chores in our house … we can’t move when we’ve got a cat on our lap …. LOL


      1. Well, he is being trained to be good- he gets promptly escorted outside if he so much as growls at me or Sushi- He’s learned he can’t eat out of our dishes, and he’s learned where he can’t go in the house.

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      2. Boys can be very stubborn… no more so than Pawsephone, though…. she is the stubbornest cat I’ve ever met! A real prima-donna, who wants to be cat-queen and that is my spot!!!!…. Wanna trade him for her?!?!


    1. Thank you! Our Can Opener was so busy finishing up classes that she forgot it was National Cat day! Can you believe the nerve? Wait til “National Human day” comes around- we’ll act like it doesn’t exist! 😼


  2. Mew mew mew Smokey iss makin himself at home Twilight an Sushi…
    If hee iss homeless pleese try to like him….
    Trust mee, Beein on THE meen streetss iss pawfull.
    Mee NEVYRR wantss to bee homeless again!!!
    Grate tipss on Catifyin tho’. Mee thinkss mee got thinss all inn paw here Twlight! 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Hi sweetie- Our Can Opener has been over her head lately with stuff to do- and finally things are calming down a little. But Sushi and me still keep her busy
      We are taking care of Smokey- he’s a very smart boy.


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