Why cats don’t like dogs

People ask my Can Opener why she doesn’t get a dog. I’m here to answer that question.

Some cats live with kids AND dogs. Crazy!

I’m surprised at how many cats have the misfortune of living not only with those tiny, loud creatures that turn a house upside down, but also with dogs. I agree with Twilight that there’s just something messed up about that. As she would say, what self-respecting cat would allow it?

Just in case you’re wondering why it’s such a big deal, let me first point out the obvious – we’re cats. We cats are calm, chill, (smart), love to sleep, and love to play. Dogs are loud, boistrous, noisy, and barky, and jumpy, and neurotic, and eat our food, and tear up our beds and toys, bark and wake us up, dump fleas on us, and steal all our attention from our Can Openers. What cat is going to be okay with that?

But in case that’s not enough to clear things up, let me express it another way.

They plot against us and spoil our hunting and fishing plans.
They eat money- which takes away from the cat food fund.
They pick on us until we get mad and let them have it, then they
whine and cry and get us in trouble.
They’re idiots. They should be hoping for cat food.
They make big messes and we get blamed for it.

Geez. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


18 thoughts on “Why cats don’t like dogs

  1. Dear furiends, living with kids and a menagerie is very entertaining, plus, I am raising/instructing the coming generation to be propurr humans. Thankfully, they are mostly past the sticky-finger-fur-grabbing stage! I don’t miss lemon-flavored lollipop fur.

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    1. Oh we know exactly what you mean!! Peanut butter fingers in our fur is awful! I’ll have to say though- even the tiniest critter-(who is now starting kindergarten)- is developing into quite the cat slave! They’ve been trained well!!😹

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      1. Purrcisely my point! BTW, when my slavettes were young enough for peanut butter fingers, Saphera was still alive and added to my misery by insisting on licking the peanut butter off… I was then forced to clean dog spit!!!

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  2. Mew mew mew Sushi you sure make sum innterestin pointss ’bout Poochiess!!
    Mee had Poochie frendss here….which iss RATE! An most are well beehaved…Okay maybee just a ‘bit’ notty!!!
    #3 n #5 Memess are heelareeuss!
    Poochiess! Can’t live with them; can’t live without them…….
    Mew mew mew BellaDharma

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  3. The Doodle who ripped up the $$ reminded me of when our then young JRT would find bills left untended on the young unfurs’ desks, and then he would turn them into confetti! LOL! When I took them to the bank, they were gracious and replaced them with new ones!

    Toki and Minko actually loved MJF, the JRT, esp Toki, he thought MJF was a nice warm pillow when he first arrived as a 2.5 pound pup…and he would lay right on top of him. Minko and MJF were always sharing the dutties of face and ear washing! I guess pups are useful for a few things, LOL!

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    1. Maybe our Can Opener will eventually get a doggie- but right now it would be a constant battle to keep Sushi from chewing him up! She gets really angry at doggies- even when they’re just being walked across the street when she’s outside with Mom! 😹


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