Cat Memories

Oh- I remember you. You’re the cat trying to steal my Can Opener’s heart. Too late. It already belongs to me and Sushi.

Do you ever wonder what or who your cat remembers? Do we forget things?

I can tell you that Sushi and I remember very clearly that the Can Opener left us on Thanksgiving last year because the critters’ parents needed a cat sitter for our cousins Serafina and Abby. I can also remember that we were afraid she might forget us- but she came home just like she had said she would! And I remember how extremely happy we were to see that she didn’t forget us- and we both remember how much she spoiled us when she came back.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I remember how the new year started for our Can Opener and her family. I remember seeing our Back-up Can Opener sicker than I’d ever seen him before, and suddenly the Can Opener was going to the hospital every day, and then they both came back (in an ambulance). Soon the couch was disposed of, and a hospital bed took its place in the living room. Then strangers – (nurses, chaplains, social workers) were stopping in and calling every day. And someone called “our Pastors” stopped by.

I remember it was Christmas time- and the heavy snowfall that my Can Openers and the Critters longed for finally came- but they weren’t able to enjoy it. The Can Opener was running back and forth all night long (every hour) – to take care of “hubby”- and give him morphine to help the pain. I was on top of the desk watching over him- and Sushi and I knew something had changed.

Then about 10 days after coming home from the hospital, he coughed three times- and never inhaled again.

Sushi and I would’ve cried- but we’re cats and we don’t know how. But we both knew we wouldn’t see him again. And we watched as they took him away, and everything changed.

Yes, we cats have great memories. And I remember it took a long time for our Can Opener to “recover”- if that ever really happens. But most of all we remember that she took extra special care of us after that because she knew that we were affected by it. And it gave her strength to comfort and cuddle us.

We still remember the Back-up Can Opener too. We are just thankful our Mom is still here with us and that she’s smiling again and starting to enjoy life again. Most of all, she never stopped spoiling us rotten.

How good do you think your cats’ memory is?


18 thoughts on “Cat Memories

  1. What a nice post. (hugs) We here had a kitty run off to the rainbow bridge and we now have a new kitty …. just this weekend we were talking about do they remember… what would they say to us if they could …. I imagine their conversations in my head … LOL …. I know I’m not the only one as my sister does it too.Either way …. here’s to spoiling the cats! 💗🙏


    1. Awww thank you! I know I have sort of disappeared since that post- but it wasn’t intentional- they’re just been a lot to do- I’ll be posting again today! (Possibly scheduled for tomorrow)- depending on how quickly I can take care of things I need to do! Please bear with me!

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  2. Mee-yow Twilight an Sushi an Missus Cee-O youss’ sure went thru THE ruffest time. An wee Kittiess DUE have furry guud memoreess.
    Mee sharess a true story with youss: Mee frend Kashmir kitty lived upstairss…..mee wuud look up an mee-yow to her at nite or when mee was out inn Condo. Shee was a furry sweet kitty girl.
    Her owner yelled at her all THE time. It seemed Kashmir was allwayss inn trubbell. Sadly Kashmir was scared late one nite an shee ran out on balcony an jumped down 2 floorss! Next mornin BellaSita an owner an another nayburr tried to catch Kashmir but shee clawed her owner an ran off towardss street beehind our buildin….nevurr to bee found.
    Wee did not know that Kashmir was taken inn bye a nice elderly lady an given a mew name an had 2 grate yeerss beein loved an pampurred. THE woman beecame sick an had to give Kashmir to Sheltur….
    BellaSita saw her foto on Sheltue site an messaged them. Shee was sure THE cat now named Dotty was ackshully Kashmir…..shee asked her frend at Sheltur to call THE cat bye old name an see reeacksun~~~ when Dotty who used to bee Kashmir herd her old name shee hissed an spit an hid in back corner of her cage!!!! Shee had been called Dotty fore just over 2 yeerss, yet reememburred her preevious name an THE bad memoreess……
    BellaSita then asked frend to call Dotty her original name “Bunny” an when Dotty herd THAT name shee came rite to front of cage calm as cuud bee. Keep inn mind Bunny/Kashmir/Dotty was now over 4 yeerss old!
    So due Catss have guud memoreess??? You betcha wee due!!!!!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Oh What a wonderful story! I’m so happy that Dotty finally found a happy home! Poor Sushi had been so neglected, and lonely and passed around (or spending weeks alone) before, that the first thing the Can Opener did when she arrived here is change her name- from Sasha to Sushi!


  3. Yes all that trauma is not going unnoticed.
    Our pups are unsettled tonight, too…as we had to have the ambulance peeps here…they brought hubby to the ER…and when he came home again several hours later, they were and still are very subdued. (Hubby should be OK, after some good rest.)

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      1. He had 2 grand mal seizures, so 911 was called and he went per ambulance to the ER…but after several hours of treatment and observation he was allowed to go home again. Now we are in the investigative stage of why, etc. And I am now the only driver…and have to reschedule all kinds of things to work around that issue and my own work schedule…but God will guide us through this mess as He already has so many times before ovdr the years. We just have to get used to it. Our pastor even came right up to the ER which is about 30 miles form his place! It is good to be uplifted by all our friends from Church, the communion of saints in action.

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      2. Oh I know how exhausting that is- the stress of the event, then of trying to figure out why- and hoping it can be dealt with quickly- my heart goes out to you! And I know the fur babies feel it too-

        I’ll so glad you have a church community that is there for you to pray for you and support you through this time- I will be posting at some point today (after the critters go home)- about the fact that the hospital in Portland that was supposed to see my husband months ago- calling me-multiple times to get hold of him for an appointment- finally- (now that he has been gone for 7 months). I could say more but I’ll let it wait for my post. I’m going to pray for you and your husband not before the “Critters” get here! Hang in there!


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