Coffee with Sushi & Twilight

Good morning Can Openers!

We’re re-training the Can Opener

We’ve been trying for the last several days to get the Can Opener to type for us but that hasn’t worked out very well. There have been a few times she sat down and started a post for us, but then something happened and she didn’t get back to it. And sometimes she tried to get back to it but started hurting in her back and knee and couldn’t concentrate, so our draft folder is full of unfinished ideas we gave her.

We’re changing her schedule (she’s objecting)- because she just can’t seem to keep things on her previous schedule before our Backup Can Opener went to heaven. But we have the same schedule, so that means we have to retrain her! Meanwhile….

I help Mom keep Sushi groomed…
That is until she calls me “Tuna Breath!”

This morning it’s beautiful and sunny and after eating and grooming Sushi for Mom, I went outside to lay in my favorite sun puddle while the Can Opener made her coffee and started her morning routine…

Oh yes- this is my HAPPY PLACE!

Then Sushi decided she wasn’t ready for the Can Opener to do her usual brushing, so instead of settling in on Mom’s lap while she has her coffee, Sushi decided to snuggle into her soft, furry bed instead-

She was all settled in and cozy and then…
In walked “Mr.Smokey”- intent on stealing our Can Opener’s heart (and food)-
He was getting all nice and cozy…

And then he looked up and saw Sushi in her bed and growled and flew out the door and down the street!!! 😹

Maybe the Can Opener should take Sushi off her diet- he looked at her (and her “What are you doing here?” look, and decided it was time to move on! Apparently he isn’t used to being confronted by a cat twice his size! 😹


9 thoughts on “Coffee with Sushi & Twilight

    1. Why thank you! I love my bed- and my little pink bunny- Twilight has one just like it- but hers stays on the Can Opener’s bed during the day (that’s the only time Twilight uses it- she stays out all night or sleeps on top of the desk right under the ductless heat pump )!

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  1. Aunty Ellen iss so clevurr!!!
    Yeah ‘dopt Smokey an then you has a ‘fall guy’, mew mew mew….
    Sushi iss not poe-lite to call Twilight ‘Tuna Breath’….shee iss kind enuff to groom you…maybee share yore treetss with her 😉
    What iss mee meowin???? Mew mew mew…….
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma


    1. I plan to take him to Twilight vet and see if he has a chip so if he’s lost they can contact his “owners”- if not, I plan to get him fixed and either I, or my sister (who also adores him)- or the girl’s parents will adopt him!


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