Monday Mischief

Surely there has to be something I can do for fun around here….Let me see what my friends are doing…

Mondays were meant for cat mischief!

I love hunting mice (or birds, whatever)- but when the weather isn’t good, or when every single neighbor and their pet dog has their sprinklers on, I get bored out of my mind and have to find other ways to entertain myself- some of those ways, however, the Can Opener isn’t real fond of.

So what’s a bored cat supposed to do? Well, she limits my time on Catbook, so I can’t use unsocial media to get ideas from my friends, so that leaves me only one other option- cat gossip, or looking in on my neighbors’ cats to see what they’re up to.

So here are a few ideas I found to work with…

But how can I get in there?

Nice plan but I think I’ll pass…

Great ideas!! But the guy under the blinds gave me the best idea yet! 😹

Now that’s a plan I can deal with!
Hmmm. Maybe we should get a dog…
I want to try his refrigerator!
I think I need a rubber chicken!


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