Time with Twilight

The Can Opener has had her paws full – with helping her sister- and a bunch of other stuff. I decided enough is enough!

This lady needs some new brakes.

If you thought we all got abducted by aliens, we didn’t- and we’re not sitting someplace in the Bahamas sipping coconut water, either (yet). But we’re pretty sure that if that was an option for the Can Opener, she’d be on it like a flea on Sushi.

She’s been up at 4:30 most mornings serving us – (after Sushi takes a few bites off her nose)- and taking care of the Critters, plotting gifts for birthdays and Christmas -(no waiting til the last minute around here)- and of course, getting called in to work.

But for the last few days she’s been spending a lot of time looking after her sister who has had some trips to the ER – things seem to have settled down now, so the first thing I meowed to Mom this morning is to take time to relax and do something just because she wants to (like typing for me). For once, she actually listened! 😹

So, before something else happens to make her too busy again, I’ve noticed there’s a dark, handsome, male siamese who has been coming to see me every night! I think I like him! 😻

Last night I was sitting on the doorstep and noticed him lurking around in the neighbor’s garden drinking from her sprinkler…

This is like one of those puzzles where you have to find a hidden object...Can you find him?

I think I’m going to stay out tonight so I can follow him and find out where he lives!

Image by Robert Kyriakis from Pixabay


26 thoughts on “Time with Twilight

  1. Mew mew mew Twilight iss yore mew frend bye THE brown trellis thingy neer brown pot??? This man cat iss toetally cammyflauged an wee not sure if hee iss there or not! Mew mew mew…..
    Missus Cee-O wee are reeleeved you are keepin busy butt pleese pace yoreself OKay???
    Wee not want you to end us icky sicky!!
    Keep yore paw on THE situation Twilight an if you are goin to Baa-hama’ss pleese let us know….wee join youss’!!!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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  2. A few years ago we had a tabby Mom and her two Siamese looking kittens coming around for food. I fed them for a couple of weeks while I tried to coordinate with a local TNR group to get them fixed. The cats disappeared before that happened. About six months later, I saw one of the kittens mostly grown up once or twice and then never again. What happened to all of them is a mystery.

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    1. I had Twilight’s Mom taken by our local TNR group after her last litter (the one Twilight was part of)- I had found homes for the other kitties and tried (and am still trying ) to adopt Mama- but she has been feral too long and still won’t let me touch her – though after 10 years, she does let me put food down within a few inches of her, and will sometimes come inside and rest when the weather is bad on Twilight’s cat tree- but the minute I get within a few feet of her (if she thinks I’m going to close the door)- she flies out. They did manage to get her spayed and give her shots and they took care of her and tried to get her used to living inside (they tried for two months)- but she just wouldn’t have it. So they called and asked if they could return her and of course, I said yes- Twilight and she love each other so much- Twilight was miserable when she wasn’t coming around. Of course, I told them I’d continue to feed her!


      1. That’s true- Twilight was Mama cat’s third litter-(born in my backyard)- she had always come into my yard knowing I’d feed her- but it took them years for her to get comfortable enough to spot at my back door and let me set a dish of food down for her without running away- I think that’s only happened because after the TNR people returned her, (I had adopted Twilight and going home for the others already), she could see how I love Twilight and that Twilight is spoiled and not afraid- and Mama knows I’ll always take care of her and won’t hurt her.


      2. I started putting a little food out for a stray cat at my work a few years ago. First it was one, then two and soon there were five. Never more than three at once but it took a long time for them to get used to me. Eventually I was able to get within five feet of the ginger but the others kept their distance.

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    1. So do we. They called her yesterday to say she needs to come to the hospital on Friday for a 4 hour test- they say blood work shows she has some heart damage. If you pray- please pray for her. We cannot lose her!


  3. I’m happy that you were not abducted by aliens! Sipping coconut water sounds relaxing but glad you aren’t there either … Prayers for your sister and I hope you get some relaxing.


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