Her Majesty, Fussypants…

Thanks for telling everybody, you moron!

Is getting the Cone of Shame!

Well, it’s true…

She’s been licking at her belly so much she has pulled off her some of her fur! The Can Opener called the vet, and they said for her to buy a cone to put on her! She has a vet appointment on the 26th – but she just had her checkup a month ago!

We both have a brand new Seresto collar, and there aren’t any fleas- we think maybe since she likes to lay outside on the porch in the evenings that maybe an ant or bee stung her or something- (it didn’t start until the day before yesterday when ash and smoke from the nearby wildfire finally cleared up and we got to go out again). And Mom’s been spraying this stuff on her (Vetericyn Plus Feline Wound and Skin Care (spray)- and already it’s looking better- and she’s pretty much stopped chewing at herself now.

But hey, Sushi- look on the bright side…. that cone could really come in handy at feeding time!!😹

See? You’ll be able to scoop more food faster!

Well, I see you licked off your sense of humor, too-


16 thoughts on “Her Majesty, Fussypants…

    1. The Can Opener says my tummy is looking better since I with chewing on it last night- she’s been watching me like a Hawk today to make sure I’m not doing it anymore- she’s still looking for a cone- but she said after today She doesn’t think I’ll need it anymore- the spray seems to be helping a lot!


  1. The vet put a soft inflatable collar on my cat to keep him from chewing his sore foot. By the time we got home he had punctured and deflated it. The vet’s office is a mile and a half away.

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    1. Oh just lovely! Poor little kitty! I have been looking at Petco, and Amazon for something that will work for her- and thought I had one picked out from Amazon- but then I got a verification email that it would be shipped OCT. 15!! By that time, she’ll be either healed or bald!


      1. Actually, it really does work way better than I expected! I had bought it a couple of weeks ago (she didn’t need it)_ but I’ve been buying extra cat food, flea treatment and kitty meds to have on hand since “shortages” are looming – Glad I already had it! And oddly enough, now she doesn’t fight me spraying her with it! I think she understands it’ll make her feel better!


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