The Can Opener’s Driving me Crazy.

She’s obsessed with my belly. Good Grief.

If she puts a cone on me, she’ll be sorry!

It finally quit raining ash, and the smoke cleared up, so a couple of days ago the Can Opener finally let me go out again and lay in a sun puddle on the doorstep in the center of her flowers. It felt so good- my own purrsonal heating pad without that annoying cord.

But a few hours after my belly-obsessed Can Opener called me in, I started scratching and pulling at my belly, and she kept trying to get me to stop, but of course, I didn’t, because DUH! I’m a CAT. I do what I want.

She was busy (what else is new)- so it took her a while to actually sit down for a few minutes and look at my belly. When she saw I had pulled some fur out, she had a catniption fit and the next thing I knew, she reached inside the kitty kit -(her evil bag of tricks she keeps all my meds and brushes in)- and out came a bottle, and she picked me up and sprayed my belly 4 times with that vile thing!

Before the spray…..
Today! After 3 sprays twice a day since Saturday.

She had called the vet, who told her to put a cone on me- lucky for me she hasn’t been able to get one yet- but she’s still looking. Meanwhile, she’s been watching me like a paranoid hawk, and on the few occasions I’d start to pull at my fur again, she’d shake the treat bag- and my head (of course), immediately popped up and I forgot what I was doing!! 😹

You know, I hate to admit it, but now I don’t mind that spray- I just sit now and let her spray me. I’m not going to tell her, but it makes the irritation go away instantly!! Don’t tell her I said that, though- I kind of have a good thing going here… If I just pretend to start chewing at myself, out come the treats!! 😻

Now it’s time for a nap!


26 thoughts on “The Can Opener’s Driving me Crazy.

  1. Mee-yow what iss makin you so itchy Sushi???
    Due you have bad nervess like mee Aunty NYLBLUE did??? Shee had bad Eye-Bee-Dee an wuud pull her furss. An if another cat came onto patio, shee wuud pull more furss!!!
    Wee keep yore seecret…an enjoy those xtra treetss 😉
    ***Hi-5’ss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No- the Can Opener’s sister was sick today- so she went to help her…. and then she hurt her knee and shoulder- so she rescheduled because she couldn’t risk fighting to get me in the carrier! Now- I have to work on getting out of the next appointment! 😹


      1. It WORKED!!!!! Mol😹 Am I The BEST, or what? Unfortunately, the Can Opener is still feeling the effects of the injuries- but she’s okay. Now we have to get her back to work-


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