Here he is again….

Go someplace else, Smokey! This is OUR HOUSE!
I’m Smokey- and they don’t know it yet, but they’re going to adopt me.

I’ve been stealing everyone’s heart

Aren’t I cute? I’m absolutely adorable, and I know it because every neighbor around here tells me all the time. Today I visited Twilight and Sushi’s house -(they have the best food, and the Can Opener doesn’t yell at me and chase me away like some of the other neighbors). A lot of the neighbors around here are trying to help find out where I belong- if I’m lost or something.

But I keep telling them where I belong! Right HERE on Twilight’s throne! The problem is, Twilight and Sushi disagree and the Can Opener listens to them, not me. So I have to convince the Can Opener that I’m cuter than them.

So far I’m not having much luck. And the big one looks like she could eat me- so I’m kind of nervous, but the food is great in the neighborhood- and sooner or later, somebody is going to adopt me!

Mom- he’s back- get rid of him or I WILL!

FINE! I’LL GO…(But I’ll be back)…. at dinnertime!


12 thoughts on “Here he is again….

    1. Mol!
      My sister is planning to adopt him!! Of course, Sheba doesn’t like that idea- but Smokey isn’t taking no for an answer!! He already acts like he owns the place! And my sister truly needs him right now- he’s SUCH a cuddle bug!!


  1. Aww, Twilight and Sushi, you have to be benevolent towards the disadvantaged…afterall, what will become of him if you keep on saying no. Winter will be coming…don’t want him outside in that kind of conditions.
    He looks like a fun loving rascal. He would liven up your lives!! Yup. tell your Mom to say YES!

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    1. Oh I don’t mind so much- He won’t mess with me because I’m a lot bigger than him- but Twilight won’t have it!! She’s got Mom wrapped around all 4 paws and she doesn’t plan to let him do the same thing!!😸


  2. Hey, Smokey! I hope it works out for you. I’m in the process of getting a home here with Snoops and Kommando Kitty. At the moment, they’re just tolerating me, but I have high hopes. Purrs, Sgt Stripes.

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    1. Awww I know- he is so precious! But my sister decided to adopt him! And that’s even better!! (She lives next door)- because Sheba only snuggled up to her mom when she wants treats- but Smokey ALWAYS wants snuggles- and she needs that so much!

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