Friday Funnies

If you think I’m working out, forget about it!

This is just my way of guaranteeing I get the Can Opener’s immediate attention! 😹

She’s busy with the Critters today- those loud things that eat everything in sight and leave a trail …. and she loves every minute of it. But that means I don’t get the attention that the Queen of the house deserves. So I decided to amuse myself while she’s occupied with the loud things.

This is how I cheer myself up, when my crown gets brushed aside…

I would tell the Can Opener I want to hang out with her, but with my luck she’d do this!
At least this cat warned his human. No warning from me!
Our Can Opener does the same thing! Every. Flipping. Day! Outrageous!
I think I’ll pack my bags- as soon as I find one that fits….


26 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. Numburr #2 iss mee fave Sushi…mee goin due sum Catsumware on BellaSita Mum…that lappytop iss attached to herr lap too much!!!
    An mee beecame a lap cat to hang out with her….an mee feerss wee wuud end up inn hangin dye-purrss two! 😉
    BellaSita feedss mee at 6 A Em….shee iss trained….coffee iss served beetween 9 an 10 A Em an then snax…. 😉
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. Well, we try- (mainly Twilight)- but she got hurt today so tonight she’s not able to type for us- so the Critters are staying home tomorrow, and Twilight and I are making her rest- we don’t like it when she’s having a hard time walking- (it makes her slower when she’s feeding us)!


  2. Deer Missus Cee-O an Twilight an Sushi mee thott mee shuud meow to youss’, BellaSita Mum iss inn bad shape today!
    Shee put all Notie-ficationss innto TRASH!! Shee did save a few emailss…yoress two Missus Cee-O butt shee iss not feelin up to doin emails today. Shee iss sorry 😦
    Tomorrow mee hopess….
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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    1. Oh Meow! 😿 Thank you for letting us know- We’ll let the Can Opener know- we’re sending purrs and prayers! Make sure your Mum gets all the snuggles and purrs you can- they’re more important now than ever! Send her love from the Can Opener!💚


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