I don’t like the sound of this

“People food for Cats-“

I smell bananas and spinach- and it had better be for Sushi.

I think the Can Opener’s obsession with fruits and vegetables has gone a little too far. Of course, some cats (like the psycho cat next door- Sheba-) actually like some of this weird stuff. She even goes crazy when her human has watermelon until she gets some of it.

So, if you’re one of those cats that like people food- you’ll love this. But if not- just remember, this wasn’t my idea- the Can Opener did it!


22 thoughts on “I don’t like the sound of this

  1. Well, furiends, I’ll tattle on Rumble, who loves human food – wants a taste of everything. He also likes nibbling on flowers and herbs. However, the most astonishing thing I heard about was Rom and Belle’s fight over a cantaloup rind that was in the compost pit…. Rom is the cat Xander was fashioned after and his photo is on the covers of that series. Belle was a puppy the family rescued, then couldn’t find the family of, so she ended up staying —- that was years before my time.

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    1. Hmm- maybe I’ll give some of this stuff a try- The Can Opener cooks salmon for us when she makes it for herself- she’s going to cook some for us today- but she let us sample some Graham crackers and goldfish crackers and OH MY FLEAS!! WE love them! Unfortunately, she doesn’t let us have as much as we’d like, though!

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  2. Goldfishy Crackurss Sushi?? Sign mee upss!!!
    If I so much as see a banana or spinach or rutabaga mee iss goin to bee UTB!!!

    OKay mee WILL admit to nommin soft carrot inn mee Canned food but that iss as far as that oes! Mee 4XGrate Aunty Simpson loved peass added to her wet food!!
    So maybee likin a bit of carrot iss not so-o weerd aftur all?!?!?
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma

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    1. Awwww!! I once had a Main Coon cat (years ago) that got mad at my husband (who made the mistake of calling him a “stupid cat”-) and the cat waited till we were eating dinner later that night, And I had made steak and corn on the cob- and my husband left the table to go to the bathroom, so i got up and started cleaning the kitchen- then i turned back toward the table and the cat had straddled my husband’s corn on the cob and was devouring it!!! 😂 Right about then he came back to the table and saw it and the cat grabbed what was left of his steak and took off with it ((under the bed))!😹


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