Today is National Spread Joy Day!

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

What is National Spread Joy Day?

The idea of National Spread Joy day, is to relieve us of the negativity, anger and hate that we are always being bombarded with through newsfeeds, politics, and social media. Have you noticed that lately people seem to have forgotten how to laugh? That’s because when all we hear are negative and hateful things, and bad reports it soon becomes all we can see. It divides us- and makes us draw back without even realizing (sometimes) that we are.

It also makes us more prone to depression and anxiety.

We can’t undo every negative thing in the world, but each one of us can do something today (or actually, any day we choose)- to help turn back the tide and bring joy and comfort to someone. All it takes is one (even tiny) candle to light up the darkness- so how could you celebrate National Spread Joy day?

Share helpful or uplifitng articles on your social media, smile and greet your neighbors, buy someone a coffee, ask someone how they’re doing or offer a helping hand where you see an opportunity, and above all, show honor where it is due, and be thankful.

You will make a difference in someone else’s day- but also in your own!

Happy National Spread Joy Day!


12 thoughts on “Today is National Spread Joy Day!

  1. Oh Be Joyful!!
    I have inner joy no matter my outer circumstances.
    Thanks for the reminder! And the joy on that little girl’s face is priceless! I also laughed at the kitty funny. Who couldn’t?!

    Did you get my email, I sent it to you a couple of days ago, because I wasn’t able to make a comment on your blog. I sent it to the address at the top of this blog. I sometimes have a lot of troble to comment in wordpress blogs, even though I have one of my own. Go figure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh same here- my joy is based on Jesus- not on the things of this life-(If be in real trouble if it was)! I love the meme too- so glad you enjoyed my post!
      No- I haven’t checked my email for a couple of days- I’ll check it today after the kids go home! 😃


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