We’re Back- (well, in the morning)…

The Can Opener started this earlier today- but then she went to work, and after that, Sushi got her sidetracked-
Thanks, Mount Sushi.

It’s been a while- (it’s Sushi’s fault).

We’ve been busy keeping the rodent population down- (well, I have… Sushi only works on keeping those pesky blankets down). The Can Opener has a lot going on, and we’ve been telling her to get on the ball and post for us- but she’s as stubborn as ever and we can’t always get her to listen to her overlords (us) as well as she should. We are discussing disciplinary options now, but really, what can we do?

We threaten to with-hold treats from her, but she’s the one who buys everything so that doesn’t always work out. The closest we can come to with-holding her treats, is to stick our paws in her ice cream before she can dive in. But that lady is faster than lightening when it comes to ice cream.

Still, we’re working on getting this lady under control- but for now, she’s falling asleep and we haven’t had our nightly grooming and snuggles yet- so we’re going to make her give us attention now, and we’ll let her have her computer back in the morning. (Maybe)…


13 thoughts on “We’re Back- (well, in the morning)…

  1. Oh, meow, does Sushi get any grief over those blankets? I ask because our housekeeper tends to sigh when we assist with making the bed… and she mutters about the ‘lumps’ that insist upon staying in the bed – she means Rumble and Merlin….
    Purrseidon, who doesn’t understand her apparent frustration with tucking them in.

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    1. Oh Purrseidon! Countless times the Can Opener decides to change the bedding and I, being the sweet little lady I am, politely hop off the bed to let her work- but when Mom tries to move the blankets, Mt. Sushi growls and she decides it can wait a little longer. It’s not fair! I, for one, want her to change the bed because it’s cold now and time for my favorite pink fuzzy blanket to get put on the bed- but as long as the Rock is on there, I have to wait till Mom

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  2. Mee-yow Life can bee diffycult fore Hu’manss……they have so many emoshunss to deel with an so much to due!
    Wee hope Missus Cee-O iss doin Okay an wee are happy youss’ are around!
    Wee were onna email youss’ today!
    So wee happy to see youss’ here 😉
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum


    1. So are we! But she is glad to be back- a lot of good things lately, but a good friend lost someone recently and it hit just a little too close to home and kind of set things back a little. Still trying to get back to normal. Thanks for hanging in there with us.


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