Sushi’s Catty Wednesday

No it’s not my fault, Twilight!

If I’d had MY way, I’d be posting every day.

It isn’t my fault like Twilight says. (I heard that little brat)! I’ve been doing my part to make sure our Can Opener remembers to type for us. I mean, if planting myself on her lap within 60 seconds of her sitting down – (and informing her I’m not moving) – doesn’t tell her to sit down and blog, then I don’t know what does. I mean, what else does she have to do if she’s planted for a couple of hours while I get my beauty sleep?

But do you know what she says? “I can’t do that with you on my lap, Sushi- My computer’s on the desk!” EXCUSES!

I see no reason why she can’t hang the laptop from the ceiling or something (without it resting on my belly while I’m asleep on her lap)- she’s always up for a challenge, but for some reason she insists on yanking me off her lap and plopping me on the couch like her bathrobe or something when we want her to type for us. I think she’s just being stubborn.

But, she has been working a lot lately – and her sister’s health problems keep coming back- (all the more reason to sit down and snuggle me when she gets home)- so maybe I’ll cut her a little slack- as long as I get my snuggle time.

Meanwhile, she has been taking time to play with me more often. I just wish she didn’t always schedule my playtime during my naps when I want to be sleeping!

Well, that was fun- now I’m ready for a nap. That stretching is hard work!

Now for some laughs!


18 thoughts on “Sushi’s Catty Wednesday

  1. Mew mew mew Sushi~~hangin THE laptop from ceilin~~you are so funny!!
    BellaSita has her lappytop RITE ON HER LAP!!! So mee an
    Lady Davina’ lappytop take ternss…
    Yeah THE lappytop has a name?!? Who namess their Pee C’ss? BellaSita does……(weerd rite? Do not meow that to ehr OKay?)
    An Missus Cee-O mee sendss POTP to yore Sistur an BellaSita sendss purrayers of ehalin two…..
    THE Meemss’ are furry funny….#2 iss our faverite…Grate Aunty Mingflower loved to meow on THE fone!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. Well, that’s Sushi’s suggestion- and believe me, if she had her way that’s what would happen. When she wants lap time, she doesn’t accept any excuses! Thank you for the prayers- it’s scary when the Can Opener’s sister has these attacks. She has an appointment with a cardiologist soon.


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