Twilight’s Monday Mischief

Hey, Can Opener. You need to find another weatherman. I don’t like this one’s reports.

The Rain is here again. Time to get creative.

Once again it’s raining constantly. As if that wasn’t enough, its also freezing cold. There goes my hunting plans. I’m convinced that the rats and mice in the neighborhood have orchestrated this debacle just to torment me, only I can’t figure out quite how they managed it.

But boy, when I do figure it out- they’re going to pay!

Meanwhile, I have to find less appetizing ways to entertain myself until the rain stops and the sun comes out again. I can only play so many tricks on Sushi- (she’s got no sense of humor)- and the Can Opener only plays with me for a few minutes at a time before she darts off to do something else, so I’m connecting with some of the neighborhood cats to get some fresh ideas.

Hey- This idea promises to be fun!

Maybe I’ll just start hunting for Bigfoot-

Well, What do you know! I found him!

Well, that was short-lived. Now what am I going to do?


6 thoughts on “Twilight’s Monday Mischief

  1. My phone has many many photos of my cats!! LOL That one was my favorite!
    Have a blessed day! (or two or three or more!)


  2. Mee-yow mee with you Twilight!! Alsso this hole time change fall back stuff iss pawfull…..
    Bird an Squirrel An Chipmunk Tee V iss reeduced. And iss windy an chilley out butt no rain or snow! YET!
    THE Meemss are hysterrycal…mee likess #1 THE BESTEST….
    Say, BellaSita did her laundry yestrday an cleen undiess still in baskit; you thinkin what mee thinkin??? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma


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