We’re Noticing a Pattern here…

It happened again. And Twilight and I know why.

We’re grounding the Can Opener.

Twilight and I have finally put it together and now we know what makes the Can Opener leave us alone (suddenly) for the whole.flipping.day twice every year. And we are grounding the Can Opener.

They call it Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas.

I think this time the excuse was “Christmas.” Twilight noticed that when the Critter’s parents’ car pops up (without the Critters)- it usually means the Can Opener is going to disappear for the day and we’re going to be stuck watching cat tv and that means I’m not going to have my warm snuggly lap or the Can Opener to feed me treats and cover me up with my blankie- and Twilight will be smashing into the tv all day trying to get mice from inside the screen until she’s dizzier and dumber than normal.

Of course, the Can Opener doesn’t ask our permission first- she just feeds us (our ‘last meal’) – then flies out the door and comes home forever later smelling like C.A.T.

NOT like me and Twilight!

Last night she got home really late- (we were almost starved to death by then- I could see the BOTTOM of my bowl)! She also came home loaded down with presents and food- but it was all the kind of stuff she says we can’t eat. Nice thing to do to two starving cats who are moments from starving to death, huh?

And this is is why….

Serafina…. the Critters’ heart stealer.
Abby- Serafina’s co-conspirator!

Our cheating human calls them her grand-kitties.

Wait- What did you say, my head still hurts from all that mouse hunting yesterday- what does she call them???

That’s right- she calls them her GRAND-KITTIES! HOW INSULTING! We’re way grander, aren’t we Twilight? Well, anyway, I am…. and here’s proof!

I looked in her phone when she fell asleep last night and saw THIS!
Serafina- (and the biggest Critter). Serafina was in full on STEAL HEARTS mode! Outrageous!
And these two were helping Serafina and Abby steal hearts! No wonder Mom got home so late!
The tiniest Critter made her stay for dinner (pasta she made with her Play Doh pasta maker).

No wonder Mom said we can’t eat what she brought home. She can’t either.

Okay, Sushi- give it a rest for now. I’m still recovering from all those head slams at the tv.


18 thoughts on “We’re Noticing a Pattern here…

  1. We feel for you. The critters in our family come here, so our cousin cats starved. (Their humans were gone overnight. It would have been unbearable.) Humans just don’t understand how traumatic it is. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty


  2. You should maybe teach the Can opener to fill the bowls up extra full…or even an extra one!
    But at least it will be at least another 11 months or so, so make sure you make her review that lesson just before that day…

    Those critters are sweet, and we pups think we would love to sniff/lick them!
    As for the heart stealer kitties…Hmmm…we heard petcretary say they ware adorable!

    And how was the pasta dinner?? Did your Can opener tell you??

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    1. She usually does fill up extra bowls for us-(if she knows she’s going to be overnight)- but this time she wasn’t overnight- it just felt like it to us because we didn’t expect her to stay away so long-

      (We can’t have that)!! And those Critters are wanting to adopt a shelter dog- but they haven’t talked to Serafina and Abby about it- I hope they don’t bring him here if they get one!

      For some reason, the Can Opener’s tummy started bothering her right about the time the pasta was ready- so she didn’t eat it. Critter said, “That’s okay! You can take it home and have it in the morning!” 😹


  3. AHA! Well dun solvin THE Misstery Twilight an Sushi!!
    This serafina iss quite purrswasive an Abby cat lookss like a purrfectt co-conspeeratur!
    Wee ive THE Hu’man Kittss a “Pass” as they are Hu’manss…….
    Butt this Serafien an Abby must bee dealt with!!!
    Butt how???
    Mee has an idea…when it etss close to Thanxgivin or Catmass jsut change THE Calendur datess…so yore Moewmy ‘missess’ both Hollydayss! What due youss’ think? 😉
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an **giggells** BellaSita Mum

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    1. I agree those two conspirators have to be dealt with somehow- but I think it’s impossible but everybody adores the little fleabags!

      As for changing the calendar dates- it’ll never work. That dang iphone alerts them every time! *shakes head *

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