Sushi’s Wednesday Whackies

No, Mom- you can’t wash this rug. It’s my favorite napping spot. Get over it.

I need some laughs! This lady is Annoying!

The Can Opener is annoying the whiskers off me today. I was curled up all cozy on the nice furry rug and she decided to wash it and yanked it right out from under me!! HOW RUDE.

Then she proceeded to further annoy me (and scare the heck out of Twilight)- with that thing she calls Mr. Dyson – I wish I could chew the cord off that thing. I think it’s time for some nip and some laughs before I do something to get myself grounded from treats from now til eternity.

Chances are somebody might be annoying you too- or worse yet, making you sad. Kind of like when Mom spends $175.00 at the grocery store and the bags only have 12 items. No- that’s not sad- I think she calls that “depressed.”

So if you’re going to the grocery store today too, maybe you should join me in a few laughs and get your blood pressure to a good level first…Unless you’ll need it more when you get home!

Is anyone interested in some (video) links to let you know things that are reported to be in short supply soon so you can stock up now? If you are, tell me in the comment section, and I’ll post them!

And thank you for stopping by!


18 thoughts on “Sushi’s Wednesday Whackies

    1. Oh isn’t that thing horrible? We can’t figure out for our lives Why the Can Opener loves that thing- especially since she’s undoing all our hard work! Well tell her to post the links- she watched a few videos yesterday and immediately sent them to the kid’s Mom and Dad- Thank you for telling us!


      1. Lol!!😂💚 Twilight always fires that to me too when I’m on the computer! I’ll get up to get a cup of coffee or whatever, and When i come back to my computer, she’s sitting on the keyboard and “I’ve” typed in a search engine God- knows- what, and the results are some Robotics company!! 😂

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  1. I like your funnies! Here in the San Francisco Bay area … apparently there is an egg shortage! Who knew!?! I also have the issue with spending lots of money to get not as many items …. sigh … thank you for at least adding some funnies to help make it better!

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    1. You’re very welcome! The price of eggs here has gone way up and I’m finding a lot of substitutions in my grocery order for things that are “unavailable!” I’ll be posting in about an hour- Right now Sushi is occupying my lap !


  2. MOL/LOL!!!!
    OMC Sushi those comickss are priceless!!!
    Mee likess THE “Put purrson in trunk” one an BellaSita Mum likes “Lego’ one best!!!
    BellaSita Mum meowed to mee ’bout Sticker Shock…iss a REEL ‘thing’ an Hu’manss are wurried they can feed themselvess an furamillee which inncludes us 4 leggeds!!! Missus Cee-O soundss like she has sticker shock two!
    Yes pleese on shortagess list. Wee can meow to you most Tylenol Children’ss products are not available…..An Codeine Phosphate an Tec 2’ss an 3’ss an 4’ss are back ordered fore months now!
    An Liquid Potasssium is like GOLD here two.
    Wee wuud like to reed yore shortagess fore sure.
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an 😦 BellaSita Mum

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    1. Okay thank you so much for letting me know- Tylenol and certain antibiotics are in short supply here too- and I’m lots of other places. There are a couple of videos that explain the how and why off the shortages, and why they are expected to get worse- that’s why I want to pass this on so people may have the opportunity to plan ahead and get extra of those items now- I started the post last evening- but I had gotten up at 4:30 to watch the girls, and the night before I had only gotten about 2 hours of sleep- so when I tried to stay up my wires just wouldn’t cooperate – I kept falling asleep!! So I will be getting to work on it to finish up in just a little bit!

      Don’t worry though- remember You’re not alone!🌹💚

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      1. Wee wurrie tha if shortaess get werser BellaStia will bee inn seevere meddycal trubbell… shee has sum Tylenol Gelcapss stored. Butt one can not stockpile Codeine can they?? Mew mew mew…..
        Take yore time Missus Cee-O……pleese rest an wee wil wait fore yore mew post….

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