We’re telling!

Hurry up and tell them Mom- people need to prepare! Then get OFF OUR COMPUTER SO WE CAN POST!

Some worsening (or) upcoming shortages

Some of you may already know of a lot of the current and upcoming food and goods shortages- but I ran across some videos yesterday quite by accident that goes into detail about what exactly is now in short supply, and what is very likely to become much less available over the next few months- the videos also explain the how and why.

Since I have a lot of neighbors who have quit watching the news, I felt like I needed to pass this along in case a lot of you may not be aware while you still have time to plan ahead and hopefully stock up on some of these items you may use on a regular basis.

Some of these things really surprised me- Tylenol, Amoxicillin, and Augmentin, Hershey’s chocolates, hamburger patties, potato chips, bread, cream cheese, butter, vegetable oil, flour, tomatoes- and much to my personal dismay- popcorn -(and other corn products)!

This is not all of the items- some I expected- like beef patties- but who would expect chicken wings, fish sticks and PICKLES! These videos explain the items that are currently in short supply, and other items that are likely to be even harder to find in the months ahead.

Please watch the videos to understand the how and whys. If anyone is interested, I will post more on this topic if I find out more information.

I recommend stocking up on Tylenol if you can- It is available now on Amazon- (I do not get paid for recommending this)- I’ve used this and it’s every bit as effective as the brand name.

Please share so your friends and family can prepare!
Glass jar and canning supplies shortage too?

I recommend stocking up on your pet’s food items and treats as well. Also bottled water- this is just as important as other items, and something a lot of people may not think about!

In the days ahead, be ready to help those you know who are in need whenever and wherever you are able. Remember you can make a huge difference in someone else’s life by showing a little kindness – which seems to also be in short supply lately.

Don’t be afraid- just do all you can now to prepare so you and your families, friends and pets will have what you need! ❤️

"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."
Philippians 2:4 NLT


20 thoughts on “We’re telling!

    1. Definitely- I started doing that earlier this month- I ordered dry cat food on Christmas Day- (normally it arrives within 3 days)- but because of transportation issues with all the snow and blizzard in the east- it finally arrived YESTERDAY- I had to borrow from my sister twice before it got here- but I’m grateful it finally arrived. So I’ve already ordered more instead of waiting till I’m getting low again just in case they’ll be another long delay

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  1. That’s a lot of things they think will be in short supply! I always have a new large bag of dog food in reserve, I get it as soon as I open the last one…I do that with everything else. Maybe I’ll just stock up double on the non perishables and revise our meal plans to accommodate other shortages…one can only stock so much fresh food. Maybe peeps should start growing their own food. Remember those victory gardens people had during WW11?

    I sure hope these warnings don’t cause panic buying…remember the toilet paper ‘crisis’?!

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    1. Yes- I do remember! I started growing my own tomatoes, strawberries and chili peppers last summer- my sister also started growing her own chives, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, and artichokes- also because of all the panic buying when covid hit- I rarely pay attention to shortage “warnings” heard on legacy news- but these videos I found on a finance channel- – and I’m seeing some of these things (in my area) too often “unavailable” now- or priced twice what they used to be.

      I also do the same thing with cat food- (dry and wet)- to be sure I can always have enough for Twilight, Sushi, Twilight’s feral mama, and in case my sister or my kids need to borrow some.

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      1. Well, I did get an indoor growing your own salad kit for Christmas…and we can grow herbs on a windowsill during the winter…though I only have one small windowsill…all the windows here don’t have any, the one I do have was put in as a shelf under the window! Whoever built this shack, (in 1907), we call our home had no clue about a lot of things…but the mice love it…they find all the tiny entrances and come into our cellar (a ‘Michigan Cellar’…aka dungeon), and we can not store food down there at all, though it would lend itself to cold storage.

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      2. Oh my goodness! I’m really wanting to get one of those kits myself- they would make things a lot easier! Also, the raccoons around here wipe out our strawberries almost the instant they come out- I think I’ll start shopping for one of those!! Great idea!


  2. Mee-yow YIKESS!!!! So many shortagess!!
    Our Farmaciess have shelfss bare…..BellaSita triess to stock up butt wee not made of $money$.
    So that iss a problem.
    An now shee has to wurry about mee foodabullss???
    Guud Greef!
    Wee DUE appurrciate yore post an videoss’. Wee all need to bee aware what iss goin on!
    Wee found out THE hard way that sirtain eyedropss fore Cataract Surgery prep are inn short supply here.
    An Liquid Potassium which iss Speshell Order iss allso diffycult to get. Aunty Judith had a bottle ordered for Unkell an when shee an BellaSita went to pick it up Wednesday they were told even THO IT WAS LABELLED FOR UNKELL; IT WAS THEN GIVEN TO A PAYSHUNT JUST LEEVIN HOSPITAL!!!
    What THE CAT iss goin on?? Aunty Judith an BellaSita went back to Farmacy yesterday an they DID have a bottle…..inn fact 2 bottless!!!
    So they shuud of given Unkell that 1st bottle Wednesday an then other Guy cuud have gotten his Fursday! Iss so furustratin! And scarey!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an 😦 BellaSita Mum

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      1. Any time that I want to write something about my son that I have question about whether he may want it shared, I ask first. He is a private person and has no real use for social media which is why I very rarely show a photo of his face. So I do understand and respect you for that.

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      2. I’m the same way- my kids all have it- and I have made accounts at their requests- but I simply don’t have the time for social media- and I think it’s very unwise (especially lately) for people to post so much on those platforms- so many unintended people see all of it! I have to go to work now, but i will be posting later!💚

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  3. We have an egg outage right now! Avian flu is partially to blame, but also it’s due to a new law going into effect statewide 1/1/23. Stores can only sell free range/cage-free eggs. Apparently supply cannot keep up with demand.

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      1. I’m sure it is an effort to promote the humane treatment of livestock. I support the law, but as a long-time buyer of free-range eggs, I see that the industry as a whole is behind the times.

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