16 thoughts on “Cat Thursday

    1. Oh my dear- our Can Opener is FINALLY coming out of the worst migraine she’s ever had- it hit her on Tuesday with a stiff neck also and is finally diminished enough that she can think again. So we’ll just be glad to have her back note that the light on the computer isn’t too much for her to look at! Welcome back!


      1. Mee-yow Missus Cee-O wee furry sorry you had a terribell Myegraine! That soundss so so painfull. Mee sendss POTP an BellaSita iss sendin ‘white lite of healin’ to you two!
        Thanx fore “Wellcome Back”; it feelss alot longer than a week mee can meow to you Twilight an Sushi! 😉

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