Caturday Crazies

Mom! Make this box bigger!

It’s Caturday Finally!

The Can Opener’s schedule keeps changing but it’s finally Caturday and I have her all to my cute little self- (when Sushi’s sleeping, that is). So I’ve been a little crazy this morning, you know- zipping in and out of the house, and up on top of the desk so I can hit Mom in the head with my silvervine sticks from above while she’s on the computer.

It’s a good thing she doesn’t have a temper, because when I did it she had just sat a fresh cup of coffee on the desk, then got herself a bowl of cottage cheese and blueberries, and before she could even pick up her spoon, I knocked the silver vine stick off the top of the desk and it fell within 1/4 of an inch of her breakfast.

Man, my aim is off lately! I need more practice!

Earlier I hopped up onto the dresser in the bedroom and discovered a great felt-lined box that just had to be put there just for me- (it had a bird on the lid, so why else would it be there)? So I got Mom to open it for me, so I could check it out- but she needs to stretch it, because I can’t fit into it very well.

After that, I teamed up with my Mama who had stopped by for breakfast, (and mid-morning snack, and lunch-) and we tormented the neighborhood squirrels for a while. Sheba came outside and got mad that my Mama was breathing her air, and tried to chase her away- but the Can Opener heard my Mama cry out and she got MAD at Sheba and chased her away!!! 😹

Now I’m tired and ready to steal the heating pad and take a nap- then I’ll take some of these suggestions from my friends for fun when I wake up!

Mom NEVER leaves the paper towels where I can get my paws on them. Sometimes she’s so rude.

Oh yes, I’m going to have fun when I wake up! 😹

Let’s play a game next, Mom!


12 thoughts on “Caturday Crazies

  1. I think you’ll need a bigger box! LOL 😻
    As always, I love your funnies! The one with the toilet paper made me extra laugh …. thinking about how if you were in the middle of the great toilet paper shortage and you came home and found that …. LOL !!

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    1. 😂 That’s the real reason for the “shortage!” So glad you enjoyed it! I will be posting later today- special plans with the babies – (at their house)- but I’m bringing my laptop with me- so hopefully it won’t be too much later! I think it’s definitely time to laugh again-as often as possible)


  2. Well dun Twilight!! Mee must find a way to drop mee Nip pouchess on BellaSita’ss head! That wuud bee heelareuss!
    An that box iss furry kewl….butt it does seem smallish…
    Sounds like there was xcitemint there fore sure with Meowmy an Sheba!
    Missus Cee-O you sure had yore pawss full didn’t you?
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an 🙂 BellaSita Mum

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