The great thing about keeping Humans around

I knew there had to be a good reason for adopting humans!

Feb. 5-11 is “Pay Your Bills Week”

While I was ordering my treats a little while ago I discovered that today marks the start of something called “Pay your bills week”– I guess the whole reason they made this a National holiday is to make people remember to pay for everything. So how is this a holiday? “Pizza day” is a holiday! “Spoil your cat” is a holiday- I thought holidays were things people looked forward to?

This just makes me glad we adopted the Can Opener.

Sometimes it’s hard to get along with humans with their loud critters, their weird diets- (not a bug or mouse in the house), their strange habits of getting wet on purpose every day, their love affair with vacuum cleaners, and loud tvs and noisy cars- but the fact is, they pay our bills!

They buy our food and treats- (okay, so maybe sometimes they don’t know they are if they walk away from the computer, but still)…. they pay our rent, they pay our vet bills, and buy our toys- and on top of that they think we’re adorable.

So I guess they’re worth the headaches after all, because really, could you see me working? Neither can I!

Glad that’s settled- now, how about those treats, human?


14 thoughts on “The great thing about keeping Humans around

  1. Rite on Twilight! Mee will meow sum Hu’manss are cr*,,,rubbish at payin THE billss! Mee new peepss like that.
    BellaSita iss so guud makin sure Rent iss paid. Wee have lite an heet. Mee has foodabulls (that now cost an arm an leg! EEEWWW!!)
    An BellaSita an Missus Cee-O are our typistss so wee TRULEE due need them!!
    Inn fact, what wuud wee due without them? Mee nevurr wantss to find out….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum

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    1. Oh dear friend! I’m sorry I’ve been away so long- i actually started a post the day before yesterday but got called to work and haven’t gotten back to it yet— but i will be finishing that and posting an update later this morning- another schedule change with the girls and with work- and some other things happening! But I’m coming back!


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