Changes we don’t like –

The Can Opener knows we don’t like change. I’ve been hitting the silvervine like crazy to cope!

Sushi and I are fighting back. With Claws.

A lot has been going on around here, and Mom’s schedule has changed again, so she has pretty much screwed up our whole routine. We don’t like it one little bit. So now for some updates…

A neighbor moved in two doors down with one of those big barky things- a big black barky dog who keeps running loose in our back yard- he keeps eating the food that the Can Opener puts out for my (still feral) Mom- even though she keeps watching for him so she can stop him from getting it. Sheba and I are trying to chase him away- because he’s not supposed to be loose in our neighborhood anyway- but the girl who owns him just lets him roam when the management around here goes home for the day.

Mom doesn’t like it at all, because when the Critters go outside, we never know if that dog will suddenly be set free to fly all over the yard while they’re playing- and he’s big enough to knock down either of the Critters if he was inclined to. Also the boyfriend of the girl also is cruising around in our backyard every evening trying to find the dog or chase him home. One day she opened the back door and the dog (wearing a leash) was standing there alone- just about to try to get in our back door.

Mom has also been busier with her Sister- who just got some bad news from her doctor- and the Critters are here more often as well because of their schedule changes- they’re both doing great- the not-so-tiny one is in gymnastics now and was just admitted to a class that is more advanced and prepares her for competition! They both are also doing great in school – and The Can Opener loves teaching them- but I don’t like that she chases me off their books and makes me let go of their pencils!

And now a word from my sponsor….(the Can Opener)

The Critters’ Dad has been unable to eat much for a couple of months and had to sleep sitting up- and after several visits to the Doctor and ER, finally someone actually made it a priority to do some tests and discovered that he has been suffering from an ulcer! We are all relieved that now he finally has an answer to what’s been causing him so much misery and I am so relieved that no cancer was found.

Nobody said ‘cancer’ – but after what we went through last year, It was constantly on our minds- (especially since symptoms and pain reminded us so much of what my husband was enduring for the last year and a half while the doctors kept passing him around like a tennis ball). When my husband finally had developed a blood clot in his leg and was rushed to the hospital- that is when finally (the doctors at the hospital), after hearing our story and how long he had been suffering, decided to find out for themselves what was wrong and finally we had the diagnosis – stage 4 cancer – (and an ulcer).

We are so grateful that he has an answer and can begin healing now and to know that no cancer was found! To those who have regularly followed this blog- I apologize for the long absence- thank you for stopping by and for your prayers for our family! Hopefully I can get a routine going again soon- you are all loved and appreciated!

And now for some much-needed laughs…

Have a great evening!


30 thoughts on “Changes we don’t like –

    1. Hey! Great idea! Got the number for Rent-A-Tiger, by chance?😹 My sister is doing much better in a lot of ways- but one of her (cardiologists) asked her if anyone had told her why she had the heart attack, and no one had- then she was told she has CHF (congestive heart failure)-
      however, she is exercising and losing weight now, and has quit smoking and I’m so proud of her!

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  1. Mee-yow WOW what a wild time youss’ have had Twilight an Sushi an Missus Cee-O!
    This BEEG black Poochie shuud NOT bee runnin free…..Missus Cee-O you mite have to call Animal Control or SPCA….enuff iss enuff!
    An THE boyfrend needss to stay outta yore yard two!
    Wee are so so reeleeved that THE Critter’ss PawPaw does NOT have Cancer! An Ulcer iss ucky enuff… yore Health care iss like ourss…..
    BellaSita callss it “Let’ss pass THE Payshunt around an see what happenss!”
    Wee hope yore Sistur will bee Okay Missus Cee-O…..youss’ all have been thru so much inn not even 2 yeerss.
    ***purrss*** an ~~~head rubss~~~ BellaDharma an ❤ an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

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    1. I like your name for the health care system here- it has definitely gone downhill over the last two years- my husband would be alive today if they had taken him seriously in the beginning.

      My sister is doing everything the doctors tell her- and she’s doing so much better- except for the CHF- which they think they can manage. But she felt such panic the day they told her- i dropped everything to help her get through it.

      Yes- I’m sending an email to the landlord about the dog- and i will be calling animal control-

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      1. Wee glad you will send email to Landlord an keep ‘houndin them to do sumthin ’bout loose Poochie’ an call Animal Control two!
        Healthcare = “Pass THE Payshunt”…iss furry scarey!
        CHF iss terryfyin so wee reeleeved you are there fore yore Sistur!!! Wee hope yore Sistur will have a long life an without anxiety 😉

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    1. Thank you- I’ve spent so much time praying over these last two months- my daughter and the Girls couldn’t handle it if something like that had been found in him- especially after all the pain of last year. I’m so thankful God answers prayer! Now he will get better!

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  2. We are gkkad the doctors were finally able to help your Dad human. We hope someone gets the @#$% dog under control we don’t want the Critters hurt – or any kitties either !

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    1. Thank you! Oh i we’ll definitely see you that! He’s a cute dog- but He needs to be taken for a walk on a leash- and not allowed to roam freely in everyone’s yard- there are lots of cats and children (and ducks) that I don’t want to get hurt!


  3. Ulcers are not fun at all, but they can be cured…hooray for no cancer. That is a blessing.
    God will also help your sister do well so she can feel so much better. She is doing all the right things.
    May God keep you in His arms and protect you all.

    Sorry that unruly dog is such a pest. Sounds like he doesn’t have manners because he never got taught them…though if ours got out of our fenced yard, who knows what they would do, LOL!!

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  4. Oh meow is me, you have a lot of things going on! As per ulcers, I’ve heard some have been cured with antibiotics… hope that one is the sort that can easily be dealt with. As per the dog, does your area have laws that allow a dog catcher to deal with the menace?
    Love, Purrseidon

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  5. Continued prayers for you and your family 🙏 and thankful for no cancer! 🙏 I read somebody’s comment about rent-a-tiger … hmmmmm…. that “could” be fun ha ha ha – and as always I love your funnies!!

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