Wednesday Warriors

I’m done with being on a diet and I’m striking back.

I’m ready to fight for my favorite “fat” foods-

The Can Opener switched me to a more expensive cat food that will help me lose weight. I have to tell you -(but don’t tell her, because she can’t know I LOVE THE STUFF)- I thought I was going to die when the order came in and she unsealed the box—- and I smelled the aroma of venison from the pretty green bag inside- all of a sudden I HAD to have some of the stuff immediately! I ran to the bag as soon as she pulled it out and started meowing LOUDLY to her to hurry up and open it!

Oh. My. Fleas! It is SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

BUT- I was all excited until I heard her say it has 1/2 the carbs of the other food, and it will help me lose weight! Now, no matter how much she paid for that heavenly stuff, I HAVE to act like I hate it!! So- I try to play it cool when she pours it in my dish- then the very second she leaves the room, I pounce on it!

And I know of other kitties like me who are also fed up with diets—- and they are ready to take back their favorite ‘fat’ foods too!

We’re on the prowl for Cheetos- popcorn, peanut butter, butter, potato chips, goldfish crackers, and PIZZA!

Keep trying, humans- but one way or another, we’ll get what we want! 😹


20 thoughts on “Wednesday Warriors

    1. 😅 My cat Shrimp (who died a couple of years ago), used to bury her food!! It was the cutest thing ever! My husband and I used to joke that she’d never get hired for a cat food commercial!! 😹 So glad you like the funnies! I have missed posting- but sometimes i just can’t find the time! Still trying to adjust to all the changes! So glad you stopped by!💚

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  1. They told me that I’m on a diet
    but I saw a Cheeto and had to try it
    send the tiny one with my next treat
    this time add some hamburger meat
    (LOL I tried!)

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      1. I love treats too- fortunately the Can Opener has started giving me little pieces of (unseasoned) – cooked turkey breast for treats instead of Temptations- but I still plan to get my paws on those Temptations if I get a chance!

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