Dear Twilight,

Image by Марина Сиротинина from Pixabay

Forgive me, your Royal Highness…

I have noticed your narrowed eyes glaring at me from the cat tree, the windowsill, the top of the refrigerator and the kitchen counters -(by the way, you’re not supposed to be there).

I’ve also noticed your refusal to come to me when I call, or to play with me since I left you and Sushi home on Easter Sunday. Then there’s also the tell-all revelations from “sleepy Sushi” that you didn’t think she would tell me when I got home.

Thanks for ratting on me, Mom- I think I’ll go visit my friends in the jungle….

“Tell- all revelations” from Sushi, huh?

But Twilight, my dear sweet girl- it was Easter Sunday! I didn’t abandon you and Sushi – (I came back home, right)? And the reason I smelled like Serafina and Abby is because I spent the day with the Critters and their parents and Serafina and Abby live there!

Hey Twilight- we’re cousins!
Yes Twilight- we’re not trying to steal your Mom-
we love OUR MOM!

So, what will it take to make you feel better?? Another thousand belly rubs? Another boatload of treats, and more whipped cream? Or an open refrigerator?

Image by Souzan B from Pixabay

💚That’s what I thought!💚


9 thoughts on “Dear Twilight,

  1. Lovely TT, do not take care of the plebeian choir 😜
    Do not forget that you are the only HR Queen of the House and Mom is your loyal squire ⚔️🛡️🤭😁
    Keep calm and rule your subjects 👸

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  2. Mee-yow wow Missus Cee-O that was a heartfelt written letter…mee hopess Twilight acceptss yore xplanation….
    Seemss valid to mee 😉
    Due you get THE feelin you havin trubbell communicatin with Twilight? BellaSita Mum an mee sure havin a ruff time here…….cuud Swinter bee to blame or Spring not ‘springin’??? Iss a mystery fore sure!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum


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