A Catified Monday

Just in case your Monday is a little rocky, here’s some cuteness to brighten your day!

Are you CAT-ified today?

The Can Opener has had a lot on her mind for the last year and a half. Sushi and I decided she needs more CAT-ification, so we’re tag-teaming her to get her mind off all the other stuff going on. I started by climbing up on my favorite box to swat at her when she walked by on her third trip to the bathroom putting away fresh towels from the dryer… while Sushi yelled at her for walking too close to her tail as she lounged in the carpet.

Watch out for that speed bump, Mom!

She started laughing at us and then thought about all of you and realized she’s missed a few days typing for us- (AGAIN). So after generously rewarding us with treats and tuna, she finally decided to do some typing for us. We’re going to take advantage of it before she can think of something else she needs to get done!

So we want to put some smiles on your faces today and remind you that if you’re feeling stressed, depressed and oppressed, it’s time to get OBSESSED (with cats)!

There’s all kinds of benefits to (thinking you) own cats…

We’re great therapists- and we don’t interrupt you when your bawling your eyes out-(but we may fall asleep).
We also help you with your grocery shopping, making sure you don’t buy spoiled produce or get charged too much per pound.

We support you when you fall off the diet wagon.
As long as you share…
We greet you when you come home from a long day at work- even if it is to remind you we’re hungry!
We help you stay alert when you’re working those long hours at home on your computer.
We also help protect you from temporary insanity.


30 thoughts on “A Catified Monday

  1. Humans really don’t appreciate all we do for their mental health. Mom would be so lonely without us helping her relax. And read. And type. And sleep. Purrs, Snoops, Kommando Kitty and Sgt Stripes


    1. Yes. Our human has been needing us a lot more lately. Sometimes it’s hard to stand “alone”- so she’s been spending more time in prayer- asking for direction. We help her a lot by making sure she gets lots of snuggles (and distractions)!💚

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      1. Oh yes- and when we hear her start to pray, we snuggle up on her lap to make sure she stays there and doesn’t get distracted by everything else-(and we get spoiled at the same time)- we only do it for HER though-really!! 👀😹

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      1. Mom says that Merlin’s fur is the main thing stuck to the dryer’s filter… Pop says his fur is the main thing clogging the furnace filter…. I’m thinking he gets blamed because he is black and the black is most obvious on a white filter.
        Purrseidon, who also has some black fur, as does Rumble….


  2. Quik!!! Send a NDA to us pleese!!! Sumone here thinkss a D-O-G wuud bee a grate idea!
    Mee put mee paw down an meowed “NO!”

    Inn all sereussness, wee needed sum AWWWW……..
    Last nite BellaSita had ANOTHER Seezure. Shee iss not herself today…..
    Mee helpin her due commentss. Wee so far beehind Twilight an Sushi….sorry……
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. Oh my fleas!! I’ll send that nda quickly!! A dog wouldn’t be good! The critters parents are trying to talk the Can Opener into getting a dog now too since the back up Can Opener went to Heaven- but Sushi and I put our paws down and said NO!😼

      I’m sorry Bella Sita had another seizure! Please take good care of her- I started another post yesterday, and worked for a little bit on it today, but the Can Opener had to go to work and is getting up at 4:30 in the morning to watch the critters- a she won’t be able to type for me to finish it till tomorrow. Don’t worry about being “behind-“ life has a way of doing that to all of us!

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      1. Thanx fore NDA Twilight an Sushi……
        BellaSita Mum NOSE shee iss not well enuff to have a Poochie. Shee just getss cray-cray ideass sumtimess 😉
        Missus Cee-O as much as a Poochie wuud bee grate, you have 3 deemandin Fee-liness to care fore…..a Poochie mite bee a bit too much……just meowin…..
        Wee cott up on commintss!

        Did you see mee new Haiku poe-em?
        Heer iss link:

        BellaDharma’ss Poe-etry Nook

        Poe-em iss titelled “REVELATION”! Hope youss’ like it!


  3. Those sure were cute…and as dogs, maybe we need a NCA!! Though we did have Pipo here for a while…he whapped and hissed us, just like he did to MJF, for nearly 16 years, LOL!

    Our Minko, whom we never met, loved MJF…

    Sometimes it does work out!

    Glad you’re finding some time to let the kitties snuggle you and so on…I do miss that, since the pups are not all about that…well maybe a wee bit:)


    1. Oh dear friend- I’m sorry it’s been so long! I am just exceptionally busy lately- i have started posts and they are still sitting in my drafts folder- but everyone’s ok- would it be okay if I email you? I haven’t given up- I’ve just been busier than a rabbit running from a fox!!


    2. For the most part Sushi had an eye injury so for weeks I was desperately trying to save her eye- all my spare time went to babying her and tending to her eye and trying to get her to the vet


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