About Twilight & Sushi

My subjects say I’m loveable, energetic, talkative and mischievous – and they’re right. But actually, I’m the BOSS of the house!

I’m Twilight – Master Mouser, Human Trainer, Sleep Therapist and Olympic Sprinter when the little critters come around. Hang around a bit, and I’ll teach you how to have those pesky humans of yours wrapped around your little paws!

I rescued my Subjects (the human can openers) When their tortoiseshell kitty suddenly died. I couldn't stand watching them moping around-(and forgetting to feed me)- so I took matters into my own paws and searched for another tortoiseshell kitty for them. Lucky for us, after months of searching, I found an older cat who was unwanted and needed help- and I made sure she found her way here. And now she's my best friend!

Meet Sushi! 

I’m Sushi – Couch surfer and pillow flattener extraordinaire!

I had been left at various places for a weeks at a time, and knew I wasn’t really wanted. And one day, I heard that my human was thinking of having me put down. I was afraid, and miserable. Sure, I’m 13 years old, but I’m healthy and all I wanted was a home where I could finally feel secure, loved – and wanted.

Now, I have a happy home (even with little ones )! They all love me and my humans call me a big (16 pound) purring puddle of love because I’m so happy, I can’t resist curling up in their laps every chance I get!

And, don’t listen to Twilight- we both know, I’M the boss around here!