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Lending a Helping Paw

This may help someone trying to save a kitty!

How to help a fading kitten!

Today a neighbor stopped by to ask for help for another neighbor whose kitten won’t eat. The Can Opener didn’t know anything about the kitten whose owner needed the help, only that it was a kitten, who hasn’t wanted to eat for a couple of days, has draining eyes, and appears to have a stuffy nose- But the owner can’t take it to the vet because her husband just lost his job.

My human got busy right away looking online for things a person can do for their kitten in that situation until they can see a vet. What she found, she decided she needed to share- in case someone else out there is in a similar situation.

First, she went to YouTube, where there are tons of helpful videos about different aspects of cat care, many by practicing veterinarians. In this video, she learned so much. There are even links (which you can view on YouTube also in the comment section), to other resources that are so helpful, it just screams to be passed on. You never know when this kind of information might be urgently needed for your kitten or to help someone you know.

Enjoy this video! We are so glad we found it!

Be sure to read the comments, where you will find a link to the Foster the Felines blog, contact information, and even a “Fading Kittens Supply & Resource” list!

We are melting…..109 today…

Maybe I don’t need to go to the stream today….

The Beach is calling….

Photo by Lachlan Ross from Pexels

I thought today would be a perfect day to find my mama and go to the stream to play with some fish and hunt some ducks. But that was before I finally conned the Can Opener into letting me outside for a few minutes. I’m sure she thought I’d come back in if I got too hot, but I’m a cat, and that didn’t occur to me.

Luckily for me, the Can Opener was already planning not to let me stay out for more than a few minutes. For some reason, once I got outside, I didn’t feel like going as far as the stream. I just poured myself on the pavement under the car.

Then “something” (The Lord)- made my human decide to look out in the front yard and when she did she saw me, and I ran inside. Normally she doesn’t look for me in the front, because the minute I get outside I head to the stream. But it was hotter than I thought it would be when I pleaded with my mom in my most DESPERATE meows to go out. She knew it was hot, but didn’t realize how hot, until she opened her laptop and saw the temperature on her screen….108!

It felt so good to come back inside where the air conditioner was on. Sushi already had claimed my favorite spot next to the laptop, so I found the next coldest spot, and melted into the nice cold kitchen floor.

Ahhhhh… right under the air conditioner.

She looked like she had melted into the pillow. But it’s not hot in the house. And she doesn’t go outside to hunt all day like I do. She’s super-glued to the Human. She follows her like a shadow, and cries and goes hunting her down if she leaves or goes to the nieghbor’s house.

Of course, I tried to go right back outside after a few minutes, but Mom pretended she didn’t notice I was wanting out again -(but she did notice). That’s okay though, because I just decided to go settle in on the nice, cozy bed.

I’ll go hunting tonight!

Meanwhile, the Critters and their parents are at the beach….maybe they’ll bring some fish home for me, Sushi and Serafina and Abby!

Photo by Melissa from Pexels

Caturday Canceled for lack of interest.

Sorry, Mom. I’m canceling today. Turn on the air conditioner.

It’s just too hot today. And tomorrow is going to be even hotter. And did you know that white, sphynx, or cream colored cats like me can get sunburned? Crazy, right? I thought my human was a little nuts when I heard her tell her sister that- so I hopped on the laptop while she was in the shower last night, to investigate for myself and see if it’s true, or if it’s time to take her to the funny farm- (after finding a new Can Opener, that is).

Here’s some things I caught her watching….I decided maybe she’s not crazy after all, and I probably should pass it on. It’s going to be 104 here tomorrow- and it may be even hotter where you are….

Video links to help your furbabies stay cool & safe in the heat

Cats can also have something they call heat exhaustion / heat stroke and that’s really dangerous- so check it out so you can know what to watch for in your kitties- because if you know the danger signs you can get help and save their lives!

I hope she has these in the freezer to surprise us with tomorrow!

Sushi and I are going to stay inside today—- and guard the treats. Stay cool!

A Crazy Caturday!

Today was a different kind of Caturday. I’m still recovering!


I should have known today would be a weird day, when the Can Opener didn’t seem to be her usual self when she woke up and headed for the Keurig. I couldn’t put my paw on it, but something felt off. So, as I usually do, I bolted out the back door to look for Mama or Sheba or some nice, juicy baby duck to play with.

When I came back inside about 2 hours later, the Critters and their parents were there visiting! My human was back to her cheery self and the kcup supply was diminishing rapidly, so I knew everything was going to be okay. She must’ve just woke up with a headache.

The Critters ran out into the backyard to play, and the Can Openers visited with their grown up Critter (Jazlyn and Lily’s Mom)- and had coffee and then made butterfly shrimp and french fries for everyone and discussed Mother’s Day plans. Soon it was time for Lily’s nap, but all the excitement had her too wound up and they decided to go home.

And then it happened…

After they left, Sushi gave our Can Opener the look that said, “I don’t appreciate my nap being interrupted, human. Don’t let it happen again.” Then she headed for the bedroom to take her nap without further interruptions, and I settled down on my human’s lap and was being snuggled, and brushed and was just beginning to fall asleep when suddenly we all heard a roar in the distance that got closer and louder- and things started to shake- and I tried to bolt- I could tell my humans were afraid-

There was an Air Force jet flying so LOW over our house!

The noise was SO LOUD and it sounded as though something was about to crash into our living room before we could even move! The Can Opener tried to hold onto me and calm me, but I flew off her lap and ran for cover. The two Can Openers could hear the jet long after it was out of sight, but the whole neighborhood was shaken and wondering what was happening. All I wanted to know was whether or not it was safe to come back home!

And on the way back to their house…

Our Can Opener searched the news stations for any mention of a planned Air Force flyover (like they do sometimes for the 4th of July)- but there was no mention of anything anywhere she looked. Everything settled down after that, but everyone was wondering what was going on- especially considering the problems in our country right now.

Things soon calmed down after a while, and all the neighbors went back inside, but the Can Opener thought about the Critters and their parents- who had only been about 10 minutes away from our house when it happened. She called to find out if they had seen and heard anything, and they had. The jet had flown over them as they were going over a bridge- and the first thought was that there was some attack happening- but it wasn’t. Still it unnerved everyone- especially because of the suddenness of it- and Jazlyn (the Big Critter) was afraid the bridge they were on might collapse and they would go into the water.

They made it back home, and things returned to normal, but we were all struck by how sudden and how loud and scary it was. (Except for Sushi- who somehow managed to sleep through the whole thing).

Only an empty stomach wakes Sushi up.

Speaking of empty tummies, I’m going to go talk my human into opening a can of tuna to calm my nerves…..

We miss you all!

Missing our laptop- it’s so warm!

Sushi and I want to let you all know we haven’t abandoned you!

The Can Opener was trying to help her sister with a problem ordering something on Amazon last Friday- her sister had tried to use her ebt card on her Android phone on the Amazon website- and she kept getting a message that her payment information needed updated…. the human looked at it and said she had done everything right and there shouldn’t have been a problem.

Soon after that the trouble started. Her sister did what she SHOULD have done- she (thought) she was contacting Amazon Customer support- (there was a link at the bottom of the page, and she clicked it).

Now before we go any further- my Humans have been ordering from Amazon forever – they’ve never had a problem. However- when the Can Opener’s sister clicked the link for “customer support”- she had a call from someone who CLAIMED to be an Amazon customer service agent. Guess what? He wasn’t. Not a real one.

When she started trying to explain the problem to the “agent,” she found him very difficult to understand. He spoke with a heavy accent, and spoke extremely fast, and being that she was in the process of getting ready for a very painful physical therapy appointment and he kept repeating certain things to her that she couldn’t understand, and he began to get irate with her and began to say things to her like, “I don’t know why you don’t understand- how old are you? Why don’t you understand me?”

She started crying out of pain, frustration (she was going to have to miss her appointment), and his tone was rude- then he said to her, “Why are you crying? Are you a crybaby?!”

At this point, she walked with her phone next door to my human and asked for her help- (with the phone on speaker)- and told our human what he had said.

I’ve never seen my human that mad!🙀 She couldn’t believe a so-called “customer service agent” would talk to her sister that way.

*I don’t like this guy*

My human wanted to hang up on him- but her sister needed the problem resolved- so she took the phone and asked who she was speaking to- he didn’t give her a name. He claimed (again) to be an Amazon customer service agent, and before she could say anything else, he launched into Bogus story to explain why he “needed her bank card information”- And every time one of them tried to speak he spoke over them, and the human herself was still trying to calm her sister and herself and figure out if anything he was saying made sense. (The Can Opener had only been awake about a half hour before this happened, and she hadn’t even had coffee yet)!

He asked her for the name and number on her bank card (that she had used on Amazon)- The phone was on speaker, and when the human turned to cue her sister not to answer- she had already said it before she could stop her. 🙀

Then he wanted to know what bank it was on- My human went to respond by asking why he needed that, but at the same time her sister (in her frustration and anxiety to get things taken care of and get to her appointment)- told him it wasn’t a bank. It was a prepaid debit card she received her social security on.

This all started because she wanted to buy some food items with her ebt card. Nobody can buy an iphone with an ebt card.

The guy got upset! Then he suddenly said, “Ma’am, you don’t understand… we can see that someone using your card purchased a $1300.00 iPhone and we need a bank account to refund your $1300.00!”

She kept trying to tell him -(over the speaker)- that she hadn’t had enough money in her account to have bought an iphone, and that her issue was about an ebt card and her debit card wasn’t the issue. That’s when he asked her if she had a computer and she said “no, but my sister does.” He kept asking if she would be able to use my human’s computer to fill out a form so he could take care of things for her- the next thing we knew, she was sitting at the Humans’ computer filling out an authentic-(LOOKING) “Amazon” form… until he wanted to know details he had no business knowing.

Can I bite him, Mom?

The point is, when he didn’t get the bank information, member number, and social security number he kept insisting he needed, the computer started doing things all by itself that neither the human or her sister was doing. Her email opened up, and a pointer started going down the list of her emails,…. looking for something…(but that stuff isn’t stored on the computer).

Then the pin to my human’s computer was changed- again-without anyone touching the keyboard. She turned the computer off and unplugged it and prepared to notify Amazon and the police.

So- the human’s computer is being fixed- and this is why Sushi and I haven’t been posting.

We can post from the Can Opener’s iphone- but getting that thing out of her paws is like trying to climb Mount Everest with no claws. But today she let is use her phone because she doesn’t want everyone to think she’s abandoned you.

And, today’s the first day she’s been calm enough to let us tell the story.

We will post again tomorrow. But the human isn’t touching the computer again until it’s restored. Her computer tech restored her pin to her (which she changed), and she spent the last three days changing passwords and WiFi name and password and working with the tech to get it back. She is so thankful she never stored her banking information on the computer!

Check out these links and protect yourself!

www. consumer.ftc .gov (fake Apple & Amazon tech support

This is the phone number the fake “Tech support” agent kept calling from

Realize this may also be a spoofed phone number but if you get a call from this number, do not answer it –