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A Very Long, Eventful Day.

Too tired, and too late to tell the story.

A Day that started off with a bang- and ended with an answered prayer and great news!

Keep the prayers going up. God listens. Never give up hope!

More tomorrow. Have a good night!

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Twilight’s Tuesday Thanks

Start the day off with a thankful heart- (you get more treats that way).

Our Can Opener is a very thankful person. And it rubs off on me. (But not Sushi).

I hear it all the time. My human Can Opener telling the little critters to be thankful in all circumstances. You know, to actively look for reasons to give thanks even if you can’t see a reason. Sometimes I think she’s nuts. Ok, maybe she is. But I notice, that when things aren’t going well, and there’s a lot bothering her, if she just thinks about the things that are not as they should be she gets upset.

And there are those times. But I’ve also noticed that sometimes, she feels everything beginning to weigh on her heart, and she starts thanking Jesus for everything she can think of -(and she can think of a lot).

I hear her teaching this to the little ones when they start to grumble and complain. And I notice that when I hear her starting to thank the Lord for something, pretty soon she starts to think of other things she’s thankful for too. And little by little any discouragement, anxiety or frustration melts away.

Why? Because she has deliberately shifted her focus from the things that would weigh her down, to the ways God has been good to her. And it shifts not only her mood, but the atmosphere too.

Here’s what I’m thankful for:

  • Bright, sunny mornings with no wildfire smoke clogging my air
  • ducks and birds to chase
  • mice to hunt
  • Fancy Feast
  • My warm, cozy bed
  • dogs to pick on – What are you thankful for?

How are you? No, I mean Really?

The Can Opener is wondering. I was supposed to ask, so I did. Now back to my nap!

In dark days, everyone needs some peace and comfort.

A person doesn’t have to be constantly watching the news to know that there are some weird and STUPID things going on in this country. And whether anyone says it or not, everyone knows why. My human says in times like this, people need each other. Even if there are plenty of people trying to divide them. Some people don’t need anyone trying to divide them – those people thrive on causing trouble for others and making others miserable.

But the majority of us want peace. We don’t like division, hate and lies. Take heed to your hearts. Don’t buy the poison that is being spewed out everywhere. Most people just want to live in peace and enjoy their lives and make a better life for themselves and their families.

Don’t let the ones who are filled with hate, also fill your heart. Take heed to your hearts- out of your hearts you speak, and think and act. What is in your heart?

My Can Opener prays that everyone reading this who desires to live their lives in peace, freedom and prosperity will be kept and preserved from all the evil that is being pushed all around us. The truth is that Jesus Christ gave His life to bring us all to the Father. His prayer for those who love Him when He knew He was about to be crucified, was that;

“…Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given Me, that they may be one, even as we are One.”

John 17: 11

Every child of God regardless of race, ethnicity or geographical location belongs to Him, is part of the body of Christ, and is precious in His sight. In heaven there is no racism, no violence, no disease. He died to bring peace and salvation to EVERYONE who believes in Him. Don’t let seeds of division, violence and hate take root in your heart.

This is my human’s prayer for all of you: (she didn’t write it, though)….