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Cat Comics for your Wednesday

Grab some coffee and get ready to laugh!

Now that you’ve seen how much fun we adorable cats are to have around, go adopt one!


Funny Monday

It seems everywhere I look people are flipping uptight. I’d better intervene.

I think everyone could use a few good laughs to start your week off.

We cats notice a lot more than people think we do. Like when the humans come back from the grocery store with something in their bags that smells suspiciously like treats, and they act all relaxed and non-chalant, like there’s only boring stuff in there and try to slip the treats out and hide them without us noticing. YEP. That’s right- we notice. Even when we are sleeping in the other room.

We also notice that most people hate Mondays like we cats hate the vacuum cleaner. With that in mind, I decided to try to lighten things up a little for you guys by sharing some of the Can Opener’s favorite comics. I hope you enjoy them and get yourself a warm spot in the sun and take a nap. If it’s good for cats, it’s good for humans.

Sunday Cat Funnies

What? It’s my turn to post!

A day to Rest and Laugh

Hey there Can Openers! Our human has been burning the candle at both ends for a couple of weeks now, and woke up not feeling well today- So, I hissed at Twilight to go and chase mice or something then I knocked out Mom to make sure she gets rest. Of course, when she wakes up, she’ll probably figure out why she’s been having headaches lately, and if she does, I’ll probably never see a treat again! But I’ll deal with that later.

For now, I think everyone could use a few good laughs. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday Comic Relief

With all the preparations for Christmas, I think we could use some comic relief!
Even Santa take Selfies!
Mol! 😹
I gotta say,… he has a point!

We hope you enjoyed this little comic break- we’ve been so busy helping the Can Opener finish her Christmas gift shopping and sewing and everything else to get ready for Christmas-(and helping her get over her tooth problem)- we will be posting regularly again as soon as possible!

Merry Christmas🎄🎄🎄 Happy Holidays!

A Terrible, Awful, Miserable Monday

Was there a horrible catastrophy? No. Did someone get hurt? No. But it was still a terrible, awful, miserable Monday. Why?Because we are CATS and it was raining all day long and every time we tried to go outside and chase the squirrels that were taunting us from the tree branches, we got soaked. And cold. Very cold!

Photo by Suzanne Jutzeler (Pixels)

This guy at least had the big bag over his head!
We have never been so bored in all our 9 lives!

So since the Can Opener simply refused to serve us popcorn (or treats) while we watched the squirrels and birds taunting us, we decided to do the only thing any cat in his right mind would do… sleep!

It rained so hard and so long, even the ducks left!
How we were forced to spend our Monday!


I’ll catch those squirrels in my sleep.
She can have the squirrels. I’ll have a nap.