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Friday’s Fab Feline; Sushi

Sometimes I get so tired of the paparazzi around here.

Okay, they tell me I’m a beautiful girl and then they take pictures of me constantly. I can’t bathe myself, or play, or even take a nap without waking up at least 4 times to someone holding a phone up in front of my face to snap a picture. When I was first adopted, I thought it was so cool, but then after seeing how often it was happening, it got to be a little too much. Especially since I wasn’t the one deciding how or when the pictures were taken.

And, it happens all the time, but it’s worse when the little critter is here. She tracks me down no matter how well I hide. And of course, wherever she goes, the Can Opener is going to be right behind her- and not to stop her from bothering me, but to take pictures of whatever the little thing puts me through!

Although, I hate to admit it (except in this diary), but sometimes, it actually makes me feel pretty special. Like yesterday when she was here, and it was naptime. She insisted on tucking me in for my nap first.

She may be loud and busier than a hornet’s nest, but she is also very tenderhearted and sweet.

She gently tucked me in and gave me a kiss and told the Can Opener to quit talking so I could sleep. Once she knew I was warm and cozy she was content and snuggled up with the human for her own nap. She made me feel like the luckiest kitty in the world- and even though I get a little annoyed at times, I know they love me, and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone!

Friday Fab Felines

I’m still WAITING…

Before I get to the other fabulous felines…

I just have to say, I have a complaint. Yep. Whether she realizes it or not, the Primary Can Opener around here is the Complaint Dept. I would think the critters have already made that abundantly clear. But somehow she remains clueless. At least where I’m concerned. Why, you say?

Well, for example, I’ve been sitting here patiently in front of the Kuerig all flipping morning, asking for a cup of coffee. But she doesn’t get it. I think that’s unfair. I have a constitutional RIGHT to the purrsuit of happiness, and I’ve been purrsuing coffee all morning and she just helps herself to a cup the size of Texas, and I have to lick whatever drippings the Kuerig leaves behind. I am not pleased. Time to get a refund.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my furry little chest, I think I’d better introduce you to some fabulous felines (not as fabulous as me, sorry)- before my frustration boils over and I scratch her to ribbons. Then I’ll be grounded (no pun intended) from treats too. She’s so clueless.

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