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Okay, Sushi Lost it.

I think I’ll just hide in here for a few weeks…

Sushi Snapped!

I think Sushi found herself a boyfriend somewhere in the neighborhood- because she has finally snapped. That’s right- she got the Can Opener’s phone and started taking pictures of herself on Snapchat!

I mean now, she’s taking pictures of herself that no cat in her right mind would ever allow- see for yourself! Meanwhile, I’m going to locate her “boyfriend” and warn him that he may be in over his head- I mean, they don’t call her “Miss Fussypants” for nothing!

(Warning: these photos could be offensive to most cats)…

I’d be embarrassed if I wasn’t so beautiful…. *purr*

The Two Tornadoes Return

The Tiny Tornado loves me

A day of cuddles and back scratches!

The two tornadoes are back! The big one was busy visiting with the Can Opener in between schoolwork- while she was doing that, the Tiny one started petting me and scratching my back and keeping me company.

She watched some cat videos on her phone on YouTube and tried to let me watch them with her! But I’m not really into watching cat videos, because, well, I’m a cat. I’ve already seen it all!!😹 And besides, I’m cuter than any of those videos. And my human doesn’t have to embarrass me to show it.

Oh my fleas! The PURRRRRRRFECT backrub! I think I’ll keep her.