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Twilight and Sushi’s kat9 News

When my older sister (Shrimp) was still with us, she had what she called Kat9 News.

Shrimp- Before the rainbow bridge. Still bossing me around!

Lately, my bratty sister has been sending me dreams from beyond the rainbow bridge demanding, I mean, asking that I speak for her now that she’s gone to Heaven to harass everybody up there.

Now what do I do!?

She said she would rain fire and brimstone down on me, I mean, “really appreciate it,” if I could start being her bratty mouthpiece, I mean, News Rep, since she’s stuck in Heaven now and can’t be naughty anymore. Boy- I’ll bet that’s gotta be rough!

So, I’m talking with Sushi, and we’re going to start taking turns writing for Shrimp’s Kat9 news- (because fire and brimstone would totally mess up our naps)!

We’d like to hear from you our readers- what is important to you? (It doesn’t mean we’re going to report on it, but Shrimp is making us ask). So let’s do a poll, shall we? Tell us what you’d most like to see and we’ll do our best after we figure out how to manage our napping / eating schedules too!

  1. OMC! You drink coffee? You seem so naturally chill. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

  2. Thank you for the well wishes. She’s really bored and tired of “slowly improving.” Humans can be a LOT of…