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Sheba is getting on our LAST nerve!

We’ve got to come up with a plan, Twilight.

I was feeling all better today, because our Can Opener prayed for me last night and then gave me some Lysine paw gel and spoiled me all night. I was feeling great this morning- and then, she opened the back door to let Twilight out, and that psycho cat next door (Sheba) came racing into the kitchen, and went straight to my dish!

That Psycho has to go, kid.

Tell me about it! She chased away my breakfast!
That’s not a nice thing to say about your neighbor- and anyway, I saw that bird first!

Sorry, it’s not to your liking, Your Highness…

The “Queen” wasn’t impressed with the Fancy Feast in my dish, and sat at the dish complaining to our human, demanding tuna. When the Can Opener refused to open a can for her (because she already has 30 open cans in the fridge for me and Twilight)- and, because she’s not our cat, Sheba growled and swatted at her and bolted out the back door!

YOU and your conspiracy theories!

And right before that, Twilight had been outside and Sheba chased away her (targeted) bird! HOW RUDE! Now Sheba will deny it, but tell me- if that’s not true “Queen Sheba,” why was there a limp bird and feathers on your Mom’s front porch today??

Sheba…? Hello?

She left, Sushi. Let’s eat.

Great idea! Hurry, before she comes back!

A Beautiful Spring Day

What a pawsome morning!

Finally! A Spring Morning that is sunny and warm!

Oh how pawsome it was- finally no rain, and it even felt warmer. I went out to scratch my claws and listen to the serenading birds that sing every morning and I loved it so much I didn’t want to go inside!

I didn’t feel very energetic, because yesterday my tummy was bothering me, but I went out anyhow and am so glad I did! Actually, my tummy is still bothering me today, so I wrote a note to myself to yowl loudly to communicate to my human that I need special attention today. You should try it sometime. It works like a charm!

Since the Can Opener was busy making breakfast for the critters, I decided to guard the backyard from any stray dogs (or other cats), or even bugs that would try to go after my humans. The Tiny One REALLY doesn’t like bugs. I didn’t see any bugs that early, but believe me, if there’s one within 10 miles, the Tiny One will discover it and alert the whole world loud enough for them to hear her in Hong Kong. No wonder the human needs so much coffee to get through the day!

Anyway, after a while of enjoying basking in the warm sunshine, I decided the coast was clear of bugs (long enough for me to go get a nap). It’s exhausting work examining every little movement outside to make sure it’s not something that will scare or bite the Tiny One.

When I came inside I discovered a trail of treats waiting for me to hunt them down! What a treasure! Exhausted though I was, I got to work right away- (after visiting my food dish for a few minutes to make sure the offering was acceptable).

That was a really fun discovery- unfortunately I found and ate them all way too soon and then couldn’t find anymore. Oh well. Must mean it’s time for another nap! I hope next time she makes the treats bigger!

Twilight’s Battle for the Bed

I was having a nap on my spot right next to the Can Opener’s computer- where it’s really convenient for her to reach over and pet me while she’s typing.

Then I got up to check out the ducks in the yard. But when I came back to finish my nap, I found this… and I was not happy!

The Bed Thief

Hey! That’s MY SPOT! I was here first!

Sushi just glared at me and went back to sleep. I was not having it. That thing she’s laying on is called a “Boppy.” It’s a special soft pillow meant to wrap around a mommy’s waist while she’s sitting to hold a baby on – and ever since the Tiny Critter outgrew it, I claimed it for my bed (since it wasn’t being used anymore). It’s sooooooo thick and comfy and it lets me settle in perfectly. It’s just my size.

But Sushi decided to claim it for herself – although the whole couch is “her spot.” If she has her way, my boppy will be as flat as a flipping PANCAKE!

So naturally, I tried to have a friendly discussion with her – cat to cat. Nice and civilized. It went something like this:

Jeez. How rude. I’ll just camp out right next to the lamp – and then sleep on the nice, warm keyboard. Let’s see how Miss Fussypants likes THAT!


Friday’s Fab Feline; Sushi

Sometimes I get so tired of the paparazzi around here.

Okay, they tell me I’m a beautiful girl and then they take pictures of me constantly. I can’t bathe myself, or play, or even take a nap without waking up at least 4 times to someone holding a phone up in front of my face to snap a picture. When I was first adopted, I thought it was so cool, but then after seeing how often it was happening, it got to be a little too much. Especially since I wasn’t the one deciding how or when the pictures were taken.

And, it happens all the time, but it’s worse when the little critter is here. She tracks me down no matter how well I hide. And of course, wherever she goes, the Can Opener is going to be right behind her- and not to stop her from bothering me, but to take pictures of whatever the little thing puts me through!

Although, I hate to admit it (except in this diary), but sometimes, it actually makes me feel pretty special. Like yesterday when she was here, and it was naptime. She insisted on tucking me in for my nap first.

She may be loud and busier than a hornet’s nest, but she is also very tenderhearted and sweet.

She gently tucked me in and gave me a kiss and told the Can Opener to quit talking so I could sleep. Once she knew I was warm and cozy she was content and snuggled up with the human for her own nap. She made me feel like the luckiest kitty in the world- and even though I get a little annoyed at times, I know they love me, and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone!

Furry Dreams…

I rested my head on my furry cheetah and started dreaming…

It was the strangest thing. I was sitting on the Can Opener’s lap as she brushed me and talked softly to me. She put the stuffed cheetah under my head and I relaxed and began to purr as I listened to her.

Then, I wasn’t sure if it was real or a dream, but strange things began to go through my mind.

I envisioned my kitty cousin, Abby- laying on her cat tree, a heating pad draped over her. She looked so comfortable- and as warm as I was with the human’s robe draped around me to keep me from the morning chill.

She sure looked sleepy and content. Or was I just imagining it, because I felt myself getting sleepier?

Then suddenly, things changed. Was it real?

http://Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Ducks swam lazily along a shoreline…silently tempting me. A distant bird somewhere tried to alert them as I became suddenly aware that my tummy was growling… Was that tuna I was smelling, or something more fowl?

Again the scene suddenly changed

Then the strangest thing of all popped into my mind- how did I go from ducks lazily drifting by to this bizarre scene? Must be the Lysine treats. I mean, I’ve seen some pretty weird looking humans, but none of them this weird…I think it’s time to lay off the Lysine.

Then the image that immediately woke me up!


Whiny Wednesday

I feel like whining. Got some cheese?

Today it’s my turn. And I’m going to Whine.

Why? Because I feel like it. And I’m a cat, so I can. Yesterday Twilight posted about giving thanks… That’s typical of her because she’s a very happy little girl. So am I – until something doesn’t go my way. But it’s not my fault. I’m a tortoiseshell with white (calico)- we torties tend to be very vocal. So, here’s my list of why I plan on having a Whiny Wednesday.

  • The Can Opener fed me this morning. I should be thankful, right? Well I am- except that she fed me Tiki cat mackerel and tuna. There wasn’t enough of the juicy stuff and the chunks of mackerel were too hard to eat. I felt like I was eating a fishy pillow!
  • She gave me treats. Another thing Twilight said I should be thankful for. But what she didn’t tell me was that the “treats” are medicine!! They are Lysine chews!! What a dirty trick to pull on a sweet, unsuspecting cat like me. They taste like MEDICINE. Of course, I rejected them.
  • She brushed me. Here we go again. Another “thing to be thankful for”- but she used a new brush that is meant to de-shed me so I don’t get hairballs. Way to take the fun out of being brushed. *sigh*
  • She picked me up to cuddle me on her lap. And then, right when I was getting all relaxed and sleeepy, she sneezed. 17 times! (I’m typing this under the bed).

See? I’ve got a bunch of good reasons to whine! *Looking for some cheese…*

Tuesday Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for- like PLAYTIME!

How to handle stress (cat version)

I know that all the humans are under a ton of something they call “stress.” We cats don’t really understand what that means, because well, we’re cats. So, I googled it when the Can Opener stepped away from her computer for one of her ever – increasing keuring visits.

Here’s the definition (according to Google) of “stress:”

Stress can be defined as the degree to which you feel overwhelmed or unable to cope as a result of pressures that are unmanageable.

Like I said, we’re cats- so we don’t really understand how that feels. The closest thing we get to it, is when the humans decide we need a visit to the vet (or, God forbid), a BATH.

But while I’m outside every day spying , I mean, observing the neighbors around here, I hear them all complaining about things that are going wrong everywhere so I think it’s time to share some feline coping skills.

We cats have great ways of staying relaxed. That’s why we all have 9 lives and we never suffer from insomnia.

Here’s some of my favorite secrets for staying happy in the middle of whatever is happening.

  • Hit the nip- Catnip does wonders. This helps with my next tip:
  • Take time for the humans- (interaction is important and keeps them feeding you, and may result in treats).
  • Spend time connecting with nature- (catch a bird or two every day).
  • If someone annoys you, ignore them. Cats are experts at this.
  • Sleep 18 hours every day. You’d be surprised how many problems you’ll avoid dealing with.
  • PLAY DAILY- tackle anything that moves.
  • Eat constantly. Let the humans do the diet thing.

And now, some pictures of me de-stressing…

Well, I was de-stressing until Sushi jumped down to take over the play session!

Tuesday Thanks

It’s time for Tuesday thanks- and I’ve got tons to be thankful for!

Yes, even I can be thankful (sometimes)!

I’m a cat, and I have plenty to complain about sometimes, but I’m not stupid. I’ve seen the life some cats have- and until I was adopted, I was one of them. So I like to remember where I’ve been before, so I can appreciate where I am right now- and why I love my new home. I think it would be a good idea, if humans would do the same thing. Maybe if some of them directed their thoughts toward having a grateful heart for their blessings, they wouldn’t be so unhappy and likely to attack others. You know, you can’t give thanks and attack others at the same time. I’ve tried. Just sayin’.

So here’s a couple of things I’m thankful for:

  • I have a warm, cozy place to sleep and I don’t have to sleep in the cold, wet weather.
  • My humans never hurt or mistreat me.
  • I get daily cuddles and snuggles.
  • When I don’t feel well, my Can Opener takes me to the vet, and even though I don’t like it, I know she’s doing it to make me feel better.
  • When I need snuggles, my Can Opener lets me sit on a big fat pillow on her lap, and wraps me in her softest blanket and lets me sleep in her lap.
  • And when the little critters come over, I get more snuggles and cuddles, and they distract Twilight from pestering me to play.
  • I never have to be left alone and lonely anymore.

Take a look – and start counting blessings.

When people or cats just sit and think about everything that isn’t going right, or that they don’t like, of course they’re going to be grumpy and unhappy. Take a cat’s advice… sleep more, eat what’s good for you, find a sunny spot to rest in, and look for every blessing in your life and cultivate a thankful heart. You’ll be happier, and so will everyone around you.