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A long, rainy, cold day. Yay.

Image by 준원 서 from Pixabay

Yep. That perfectly describes today.

We had sunshine for a tiny bit- but it didn’t last.
Go to sleep, Twilight. You’re keeping me awake.

I tried to go out first thing when the Can Opener woke up. But it was soaking wet, and cold outside, and the rain was still pounding. I had a change of heart. Sushi was occupying the Can Opener’s lap, so I knew she wouldn’t play with me, and the Backup Can Opener is still not feeling well, so I kicked my golf ball around a little, shredded some toilet paper, then ate, and decided to take a nap.

The sun came out for a little bit later, so I went outside- but soon the heavy clouds gathered overhead and blocked out my sunshine and I got RAINED ON! I kept waiting for the rain to stop – but it obviously had no plans of stopping, so I ran in to get sympathy from the Can Opener, then helped her in the kitchen -(I have to snoopervise)- and I was the first to taste her yummy coconut flour blueberry/banana muffins-(except she wouldn’t let me have any of the chocolate chips). That sure was a tasty muffin!! I hope she doesn’t notice the accidental scratches I put on her new muffin pan while I was trying to snatch that muffin…

I don’t think she noticed. She was too busy working on the muffins, cleaning up, taking care of the Backup Can Opener (fever goes away, then keeps coming back)- then cooking, and doing other random stuff.

I know I don’t have to worry about Sushi telling on me, because she slept through the whole thing. Now that it’s pouring rain even harder, I think I’ll go back outside just to keep the Can Opener wondering what the heck I’m doing. I can’t let her think she has me figured out, you know.

She didn’t buy it, either. But it sure was fun!

Our lazy human did it again.

Last night when we wanted her to type for us she said she couldn’t. Why? Because Dad is sick. Thanks, Mom.

What does that have to do with typing for us?

So our human dad has been sick since Wednesday, and our human has been busy trying to keep his fever down, and keep him comfortable. We don’t have a problem with that, because that’s just what she does. But she normally takes dictation for us too, and last night, she said she just couldn’t take the time.

What?? But THAT’S WHY WE KEEP YOU AROUND, HUMAN! Well, that and feeding us, dispensing treats, and of course, cleaning the litterbox, grooming us, delivering pets and cuddles on demand, let’s not forget providing flea treatment, and playtime on demand.

We are tempted to fire her, but that wouldn’t do any good because she’d never leave. And the backup human is still feeling lousy, so he wouldn’t even notice us. Great.

Meanwhile, psycho Twilight continues to plague me by coming over when I’m sleeping (I’m not even getting my usual 20 hours now)- and grooming me sweetly, then POUNCING on me trying to make me play!!

See? How rude. Anybody wanna buy a psychotic lynx point siamese?

Don’t believe her- I’m innocent!

Sushi’s Sunday Message

I had catnip and a long play session!

Yesterday was a fun-filled day!

It was a very happy day for the Can Opener. The Critters’ Mom is her daughter and she doesn’t get to see her very often, so yesterday morning she had hardly finished a cup of coffee when she was surprised by the little Critters and their parents suddenly appearing at their door loaded with goodies they had brought to make breakfast for them and spend the day visiting!

Our Can Opener has been dealing with a ton of stress lately – (the Critters’ parents also)- and they have always been close and constantly in touch. But while texts, calls and marco polos are great, they can’t take the place of sitting down face to face with coffee in relaxed conversation, and just enjoying being together and watching the Critters play as they talk about their day to day lives, their workouts, and current events.

Family is important. Family bonds are important- and are critically important for healthy well-balanced children. But it’s also important to take the time to do things that will bring joy and relief to your loved ones. With all the things going on in our nation over the last year and a half, everyone is feeling unsettled- and downright betrayed by our own so-called leaders, who frankly are only good at “leading” our nation over a cliff.

During times like these, realize that when you are feeling discouraged, or alone, many others are too. Even if it isn’t being discussed, everyone is feeling wearied and betrayed by our own leaders. Please take the time to connect with your families and friends. And this is not the time to be battling your families. Don’t let anger, bitterness and unforgiveness settle in your hearts and divide your families. The government is doing a wonderful job of that without your help.

Remember how much they meant to you before Coronavirus was ever heard of- before all this madness started and everyone began to collectively lose their minds. Remember who you were before all this. Remember how important your loved ones were to you then.

Your loved ones could be lost at any moment in all this nonsense because people seem to forget that regardless of the color of our skin, our ethnicity, our religion, or who we voted for- we all have something in common. We are HUMAN BEINGS, and we all deserve respect, honor and consideration. Most of all, we are all Americans. This is the time to stand together as one and not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Remember, there will always be evil and darkness in this world around you- but you don’t have to let it get IN your heart, and take over your thoughts.

Also remember, that when you feel anxious or discouraged, your pets feel it also.

Tuesday Musings

Photo by JÉSHOOTS from Pexels
I’m letting the Can Opener sleep in today.

But I won’t let her get used to it.

The reason I’m letting her sleep in, is because yesterday her sister had a medical crisis and went to the hospital, and I hardly saw her at all until later in the day. She was busy comforting and taking care of her sister from the time she woke up- (it had started the night before)- until late last night.

I’m letting her sleep in to keep her here for a while. Then when I’ve had my snuggles, grooming, playtime, breakfast and treats, I may wake her up and let her do her thing.

Bottom line is, the Can Opener owes me extra cuddles and treats and a boatload of whipped cream. I might demand a can of tuna too. That was not cool. Both Sushi and I were not happy. We don’t mind her helping her sister, but we had to be stuck with the dry cereal in our dish for hours until things got stabilized, and then when she came home she was busy cleaning.

Really, human?

I’m wiped out from watching her run around!

She was also very upset, because her sister had been severely dehydrated and was in distress, and the emt’s said she needed to go to the hospital. Once they took her to the ER- (no one was allowed to stay with her)- they just left her in the lobby and she was cold, crying, in pain and scared. There were only two other people in the E.R., but somehow she had to wait from 11:00 -3 pm before she was even taken to a room. That’s a long time for a person in crisis to have to sit alone waiting for someone to even come and take them to a room to be evaluated.

But 4 hours later she was taken to a room and evaluated, and today is doing better. Tons of fluids, and stabilized, she’s back home and starting to look more like herself.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

It’ll be a week or more before her sister is really okay- but Sushi and I won’t be letting the Can Opener out of our sight again for a while.

And if she thinks we’re going to let her sleep in again in the morning, she has another think coming.

Not this time, human.
Get up and feed us!

How are you? No, I mean Really?

The Can Opener is wondering. I was supposed to ask, so I did. Now back to my nap!

In dark days, everyone needs some peace and comfort.

A person doesn’t have to be constantly watching the news to know that there are some weird and STUPID things going on in this country. And whether anyone says it or not, everyone knows why. My human says in times like this, people need each other. Even if there are plenty of people trying to divide them. Some people don’t need anyone trying to divide them – those people thrive on causing trouble for others and making others miserable.

But the majority of us want peace. We don’t like division, hate and lies. Take heed to your hearts. Don’t buy the poison that is being spewed out everywhere. Most people just want to live in peace and enjoy their lives and make a better life for themselves and their families.

Don’t let the ones who are filled with hate, also fill your heart. Take heed to your hearts- out of your hearts you speak, and think and act. What is in your heart?

My Can Opener prays that everyone reading this who desires to live their lives in peace, freedom and prosperity will be kept and preserved from all the evil that is being pushed all around us. The truth is that Jesus Christ gave His life to bring us all to the Father. His prayer for those who love Him when He knew He was about to be crucified, was that;

“…Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given Me, that they may be one, even as we are One.”

John 17: 11

Every child of God regardless of race, ethnicity or geographical location belongs to Him, is part of the body of Christ, and is precious in His sight. In heaven there is no racism, no violence, no disease. He died to bring peace and salvation to EVERYONE who believes in Him. Don’t let seeds of division, violence and hate take root in your heart.

This is my human’s prayer for all of you: (she didn’t write it, though)….