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My Caturday Plans

Happy Caturday!

Eat, Bathe, Snuggle, Sleep, Repeat

I love Caturdays! The house is quiet, the Can Openers aren’t as busy, and snuggle sessions are longer and sweeter.

I sneak a lap or two of coffee when the human walks away from her cup for a minute, and snuggle up in her lap when she sits down to enjoy it. The next thing I know, I’m groomed, and freshened and fall asleep feeling unbelievably content and loved.

I love it when the critters come- I get all the love I can handle!

But Caturdays are the very best.

Twilight gets her snuggles and eats then runs outside to find her Mama and they play and hunt together- while I keep the human company and get snuggles as she has her morning coffee and devotion. And throughout the day she plays with me and spoils me.

When I remember how lonely and unwanted I was before I came here, I can’t believe that life is finally over for me. It’s like I died and went to kitty heaven! Before I wasn’t talked to or handled (unless I was being left someplace)- and when I was left with others they didn’t interact with me because I wasn’t wanted. Sometimes I knew I was downright unwelcome. It was no fun being left in temporary places while my previous human discarded me for long trips. And it always hurt my feelings that after being gone for a long time, she was never happy to see me.

But I’m so happy now. No more long, lonely days wondering if or when I’ll see my “owner” again- and being hurt when she returned because she didn’t want to take me home. Even though I fight with Twilight sometimes (because I don’t always want to play)- I’m still so happy, because I have a family now. And they WANT ME.

I wonder how many other cats there are out there who aren’t loved and wanted? I know there have to be more – and I just wish I could give them hope that someday, somehow- they’ll have a happy family too.

Maybe someday I can find a way…


I’ve GOT to get into some mischeif…

It has been raining constantly for the last couple of days, and when I heard we might get some snow, I was looking forward to spending the day outside catching snowflakes in mid-air… but it didn’t stick. I was not happy.

Thanks for taking away my snow, Mr. Weatherman

Well, instead of running wild outside and catching snowflakes in mid-air, I spent the day dodging the little tornado and trying to get Sushi to play with me.

She was friendly enough, but didn’t want to play – so we had a grooming session, then I started to engage the Can Opener. I’ve found a new trick that always works- jump on top of the desk, then jump down onto the laptop keyboard while she’s typing! MWAHAHAHA!

But this time… she was ready for it! Dangit. She did something that always sets me off at high speed- she threw one of the tornado’s hair ties at me and I couldn’t resist diving after it!

I loved playing with the critter’s hair tie, and my usual toys, but I’m dying for some real adventure. I miss the sunshine and running wild after squirrels. Even they have been hiding out lately. I go after the ducks and geese, but the geese chase ME! That’s not the way this is supposed to work! Oh well.

Maybe tomorrow will bring some snow!

Well, it’s my snuggle time now- see ya!

My favorite pet critter came back!

I’m so happy!
I babysat her while her Mom, sister, and the Can Opener visited and had coffee this morning.

She’s going to be a great cat slave when she gets bigger…

I think the reason I love her so much is just because of the way the she lights up when she sees me come into the room, and because she’s always begging the Can Opener to let her feed me treats. The best part is, she never just feeds me “3 or 4” like the Can Opener says- she keeps feeding me more and more and more (until the human catches her). This morning she fed me almost half a bag before the Can Opener caught her and took them away! (Twilight would be so mad)! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

But I heard the Can Opener tell her she can’t keep feeding me treats if she’s going to give me so many because she doesn’t want me to “get fat!”


But the critter likes me “fat”- and I like the treats. I’m going to have to have a long talk with that Can Opener of mine. This is against the Critter’s constitutional right to “purrsue life, liberty, and (my) happiness!”

I think I love the Tiny One

I think I love you, tiny tornado!

Who knew noise could mean something so sweet?

At my house when the Tiny Tornado comes it gets noisy and she leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes – But I have to confess- (although Twilight won’t like it) – that I think I love the tiny little thing! She gets so excited every time she sees me as though I’m the best thing in the whole universe- and from the time she notices me until she goes home, I’m all she thinks about! (Besides Ice Cream).

But she does love to pile toys all over me…

She has this game of trying to touch my ears when I’m asleep, because my ears twitch and she thinks it’s the funniest thing she’s ever seen…

She shares her toys with me- even though I don’t know how to play with them.

She likes me best.
She feeds me popcorn-

I don’t think so, Tubby.

It’s 6 AM – Oh Yay.

The Can Opener is having her morning coffee and devotion while Sushi sits on her lap cutting off her circulation, and I’m falling asleep. Then there’s the THUMP at the front door that tells us the Critters have arrived, and I bolt out the door at the speed of light.

And the day begins…

So the little critter bounds in wearing brand new PINK boots, and a brand new coat, and way too much joy for 6 am. The older critter comes sleepwalking in, still wrapped in her full sized cat blanket and heads straight for the couch.

Then Sushi decides that since she had to do all that work of walking off the human’s lap anyway, she needs to have Lily pay for it by scratching her back for the next hour. That’s when I decide that 29 degrees isn’t too bad after all for going outside. And out I go at the speed of light!

Sorry, Human. You should’ve left the door unlocked. Stay here.
Frozen grass isn’t so bad- really.
Scratch my back, kiddo.

Several hours later I come inside to see the big critter busy with school and the little critter has become a cashier since I darted out the door. I see that the Can Opener is “buying” her Angel from the critter for $13.00. Well, that’s interesting- if it’s already hers, why’s she buying it?

The Can Opener has “change,” a credit card, and several bills varying from $5.00- 25.00… and the human tells the “cashier” she’ll buy the Angel for $13.00, and proceeds to count out $13.00 to the critter.

Critter just stares at her (after punching a few musical buttons on the cash register), refuses the (play) cash she’s being offered, and holds out her hand to the Can Opener, with a look that says, “you know what I want.”

Finally the light clicks on, and the human sees that Critter is staring at the (play) credit card! So, she gives her the credit card, waits for the critter to hand it back – (she keeps it)- and then she sticks her hands out to the Can Opener again, waiting for cash!

The Can Opener says, “hey- I need my credit card back, and I already paid for it!” Critter sits and stares with a mischeivious grin, and just keeps holding her hand out and staring at the bills and change that was remaining. Just to play along, Can Opener gives her EVERYTHING- Critter takes it all, puts it in the cash drawer (with the credit card)- and keeps the angel too!

This kid will be rich in no time.

You’d think that Angel would’ve spoke up…. just sayin’.

The Return of the Critter

photo by Skitterphoto (Pexels)
Staying as high up as I can get!
The Coffee Fairy

I’m getting more used to this little tornado…

It’s awfully quiet around here on the weekends when the little tornado and the Hurricane are home with their parents. Even the mice seem to sigh with relief. I mean, they’re loud -(louder than a jet)- but I think they’re starting to grow on me a little – not that I’ll ever admit it to them, though. I have a reputation to maintain, you know.

The littlest tornado has grown up enough to learn that if my tail flips a certain way, or if my ears twist back, it’s time to back off. That helps me warm up a little, particularly since she always loves to feed me treats- and will beg the Can Opener to let HER feed me! (Hey, I’m a CAT- not an idiot).

She always wants to feed me every time I walk in and look at her and give her my special “Creature only” meow… you know, the long, LOUD meow that sounds like I’m dying of hunger and need food urgently to save my life. That’s the one. It works every time. MWAHAHAHAHA!!

BUT, she also loves to make coffee for the Can Opener and literally gets upset if the Hurricane – (the big Critter) – makes it for her, or if she makes it for herself. She always grabs another kcup and insists on “putting salt and pepper” in it. Of course, the human takes it and pretends its “the best cup of coffee ever”- and actually drinks the stuff. (Don’t worry- the “salt” & “pepper” are imaginary).

Speaking as the resident cat (the smartest one), I actually think it’s cute, and feel myself starting to get a little protective of the little headache.

That is, until she throws a lego at me, or tries to cut my whiskers, or feed me play-doh. Then, I head up to the highest perch I can find (unless I can get someone to let me outside).

I’m finally getting brave enough to let her pet me!
I also tutor her and make sure she does her lessons.
I even make sure to mark her pages for her.
My favorite part of the day though, is when she takes her nap.

The Llama in the Living Room

Photo by Josiah Farrow (Pexels)

It’s getting real now….

What the flea??

Lately the Can Opener has a thing for Llamas. Yes, Llamas.

Photo by Jiri Mikolas (Pexels)

I’ve always known she liked those long-necked oddities, but I never thought I’d see the day that she would actually try to MAKE one! I mean, that’s God’s job- (frankly, I think He probably does it better)… just sayin’.

But last night she said that since she’s been seeing Llamas everywhere – (even in the toddler’s make-up party kit she bought for Lily’s Christmas present)- She wanted to MAKE a llama for Lily’s Birthday!

Well, I’ve seen those hay and fruit eating fuzzballs, and I wasn’t crazy about her attempting to bring one into my lair. I jumped up on the highest shelf of the desk (knocking down everything I could while I was at it)- and decided to make sure that no matter how long that thing’s neck is, it won’t be able to get to me.

You know, I rather like it up here… It’s closer to the heater, and now that I’ve cleared all Mom’s Christmas decorations and junk off it- (and I’m up close to the top of the oval mirror she has on the wall, so I can admire myself)… I just may make this my favorite spot. And, if there’s going to be a Llama invasion, they can’t get their furry muzzles on me.

And about that Llama she was trying to make, I was wondering how exactly she was planning on pulling that one off – but she DID it! I kept winding myself in all sorts of weird positions trying to see what she was doing (from up on the very top of the desk shelves)- but I couldn’t see, so I decided if she actually managed to make a Llama, I’d smell him and still have time to hide before he could notice me and I just took a nap.

Then, hours later- at MIDNIGHT, she declared it done!

Well, GEEZ! She could’ve told me it was only going to be a TOY!

But that means the critter will be back to get her “Llama-” so I’m staying up as high as I can get!

Happy 2021!

Photo by Pixabay on


Well, the year 2020 is finally OVER! I don’t think anybody out there will miss it. We hope all of you will have a good new year- and great unexpected surprises that will turn things around for you and those you love.

Fireworks are pretty, and exciting- unless you happen to be a sleeping baby, or a stressed out kitty or doggie who suddenly goes into a panic wondering why the world sounds like its falling apart! (Like me and Sushi)…

With that in mind, we decided to share with you the video our Can Opener played that helped Sushi and I calm down within 5 minutes of the human turning it on -In fact, it almost put the her to sleep as well.

If your kitties (or little critters) are frightened by the fireworks, or just feeling anxious- Put this on! It’s great!

A calming lullaby for stressed or anxious kitties – or kids!!

Of course, so are soft lights, bedtime stories, and furry friends…

Bedtime story with Daddy
The brand new puppy
Sweet Dreams!

A Purrfect Critter Christmas

Photo by Olya Kobruse (Pexels)

Just you wait, Humans…

Well, our Christmas was cold and the Can Opener left us locked up prisoners in the house the whole flipping day. We were a little miffed- but we realized it wouldn’t do us any good anyway, because the turkeys took off to be with the grown critters and the itty bitty ones for Christmas.

So we decided to save our pouting and revenge for when they got back since they couldn’t see us giving them the evil-eye anyway, and we needed to save our energy for our purrfect plot. Way to spoil a cat’s Christmas! *grumble*

You’re gonna pay Can Opener…
You’d better come home loaded with treats. Just sayin’

They left early and had the nerve to stay out until long after dark. They had the neighbor come over and check on us and give us food, and they left Cat TV on for us- but we still weren’t happy, because she didn’t serve us our whipped cream tower, or treats, and she even served me in Sushi’s dish! I can’t eat out of HER dish! I’ll get Sushi cooties! And, she fed Sushi in MY DISH!! DISGUUUUUUUSSSTING!!!!! *coughs up hairball*

And when they came home they smelled like the critters and SERAFINA AND ABBY! They were loving on them when they should’ve been home spoiling us!

Here- take a look at the EVIDENCE we found on the human’s phone!!

Serafina took over the Little Critter’s chair
Abby took over the gaming lounger they bought for the Big Critter!
And Serafina left HER SCENT all over the Can Opener’s Christmas present! That’s OUR JOB!

And then there were all these pictures of the Critters and their gifts….

Well, all this evidence means Sushi and I have a lot of work to do to retrain this Can Opener. Great. I’m getting busy! Hope you all had a peaceful, healthy Christmas- and Happy kitties!

Critter Chases Mouse…

photo by Olenka-Sergie (Pexels)

My post is late today, because I had to babysit the Can Opener yesterday. Instead of typing my post for me like a good little human, she had a bad headache and couldn’t look at the computer without complaining that it made her headace worse. WHINE, WHINE, WHINE!

I just nipped her hand. Not too hard, though – she opens the cans.

Too happy from her birthday celebration, the Can Opener stayed up really late the night before last, and spent all day resting yesterday (even though she had a headache). So since last night, when I normally have her type for me, she wouldn’t do it- the little brat.

Yesterday, the tiny Critter was here and the Can Opener worked with her on her school work at Well, when I heard the word ‘mouse,’ I got excited and kept eagerly waiting for her to catch the mouse for me.

But not only did she not catch a mouse, she wasn’t even trying!! And not only that, but the only ‘mouse’ I saw I couldn’t have gotten my paws on anyway! What a disappointment!

Here- see for yourself!

I think I’ll just go back to hunting my own mice.