What ever happened to Room Service?

I don’t see why the Can Opener can’t provide Room Service.

I would protest, but that would involve moving.

I’m not happy with that human of mine. Yesterday, she had the day off from the critters, and I, being the faithful alarm clock, positioned myself at the head of the bed and meowed loudly to wake her up promptly at 4am.

She ignored me. She just mumbled something and went back to sleep. So once again, I alerted her (louder) that it was time to get up and feed me. She just turned the other way and went back to sleep again. Not cool. I did this every 15 minutes until I finally passed out from hunger and she finally got up at 8:00.

I wasn’t thrilled- neither was Twilight.

*More training…*
*I thought you had her trained, Twilight!*

After the Can Opener finally woke up, I waited for her to bring me breakfast in bed – (HER bed). But she never did. A half hour later, I was still waiting at the end of the bed, listening as she got her coffee, said good morning to the back-up Can Opener- (which never works) – and I heard her brewing her second cup of coffee, and still I was starving. I passed the time by counting my ribs…(once I found them).

After I had counted my ribs at least 12 times, and had heard her open a can to feed Twilight, I was really getting miffed. I finally decided that although I was so weak I could barely move, I’d try to make it to the kitchen to remind the moron that I was still starving-

When I got there, she had already put food out for me but hadn’t called me, and she said, “I don’t do room service, Sushi- You have to get up and WALK!”

Boy, is she going to pay! All that work to drag myself off the bed, onto the floor and into the kitchen. Since when does royalty have to work for their food? I’m so insulted! I think I need to remind her who is Queen around here….(right after she gives me treats).

Look familiar, human?

Serafina and the Tiny One

I’m wiped out! But I think the Tiny One is getting better…

Serafina the Intensive Care (Cat) Nurse

I contacted Serafina on catbook to see how the Tiny One is doing now. She was so sick on Friday, that she didn’t talk at all, she couldn’t play, she cried if she was offered food and water, and she had a fever that didn’t want to go away. The Can Opener and the Critters’ Mom and Dad prayed for her and gave her lots of love and cuddles, and all day Saturday she still had fever- (even higher)- but they took good care of her and Serafina decided to take over playing her guardian angel when she got home.

Serafina became a purring heating pad for the Tiny One and assisted her in changing the channel on the Nintendo switch by laying on the controls for her. She also helped her get plenty of water by being sure to “accidentally” bump her water bottle over so she’d get a few sprinkles when she was reluctant to drink.

Then she set about to make her laugh by tickling her face with her whiskers when the Tiny One laid down for her nap. When she took her bath, Serafina followed her and sat on the side of the tub helping her by testing the bubbles to let Mama know when she should add more bubbles. She also pawed any toys off the side of the bathtub that were reluctant to dive into and play, which delighted the Tiny One and made her shriek with laughter and splash harder -(making sure Mommy also got plenty of water, since it’s hard work to take care of a little one who isn’t feeling well).

By the end of the day, The Critter was laughing and getting into mischief again and was back to her sweet, funny, cuddly little human self. Therefore, I’m sounding the alarm for all the cats in the neighborhood. Serafina says it’s only fair to give them some advance warning.

Meanwhile, Sushi and I are getting lots of sleep while we can- and we recommend the Can Opener does too. She’s going to need all the rest she can get!

What a boring day!

The Tiny One is here- but sick.

My Can Opener has been tied up all day busy with other things like the Critters -(the biggest one takes care of herself for the most part and does her online live classes)- the Tiny one however, is sick. And just isn’t herself today.

The thermometer flashed yellow! Fever of 99.3

…So my playtime has flown right out the window! I don’t like seeing the Tiny one sick- but she hasn’t even been wanting to play all day- and she was offered all her favorite foods at breakfast but couldn’t eat them.

She’s always drawn to me and Sushi from the minute she walks in the door- but today she didn’t even notice us!

Get well quick, Tiny one! I need some playtime!

The Can Opener is taking good care of her, but I’m helping too- the Tiny One is my personal treat dispenser – she has to be protected at all costs!!

Sushi’s Whiny Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I don’t like it. It’s supposed to be Caturday.

I find Wednesdays to be worrisome. They seriously are. Because through the week, I’ve watched the Critters have fun with the Can Opener while she teaches them, guides them through their lesson plans, plays with them and takes care of them.

All the while I’m wanting the her attention. I have to wait all day to get my brushng, playtime and cuddles after they go home for the day. The problem with that is, Twilight comes flying into the room and steals the attention I would otherwise have. She even did it first thing this morning as soon as the Critters arrived.

She sauntered right into the living room and immediately presented her butt to the Tiny One for a back scratch, and immediately everyone started talking about how cute she is. That is, everyone but me.

Thanks For stealing my attention, Twilight!
It’s my turn now!

I wish it was Caturday- because then I get the Can Opener all to myself.

Thankful, (Rainy) Tuesday

Rain, Rain, and More Rain.

I can’t play outside unless I want a shower- and from the looks of it, If this keeps up, I’ll need to swim! But I am (sort of) thankful for the rain. Because now there’s no more wildfire smoke choking out my air and making my fur smell like awful.

And, it does keep my grass beautifully soft and green, and makes it grow better so I have plenty of places to lurk around waiting for Sheba to saunter by so I can jump out and scare the whiskers off her!!!

Mom- I’m not doing “A little Obsessed!”

I’m also thankful that The Can Opener is making Sushi exercise every day- but I think she gets more of a workout sharpening her claws on the mat, than she does playing and constantly trying to follow her food dish until the human sets it down.

I need it to stop raining though- even though the humans love it- because the little Critters will be here tomorrow, and if it’s raining, and they’re stuck inside, and I’m stuck inside, it’s not going to be good…..I just may be tempted to get micheivious…just sayin.’

I’d better start planning now…