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A Sunday Treat for You!

I’m a very beautiful and majestic kitty. So why is my Can Opener looking at Bobcats online?

I thought my human was shopping. But no-one shops for a bobcat.

It turns out she was just watching a video about an accidental bobcat adoption. I was really nervous for a while there- I wouldn’t want my human to adopt a wildcat- and I’m sure Twilight wouldn’t appreciate it either.

But I don’t think I need to worry about it because our humans are content with me and Twilight. Would you ever adopt a bobcat?

Friday’s Fab Felines

I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror today in all my glory. Dang, I’m fabulous!

I’m so Fabulous! (Okay, maybe Twilight is too)- but I want you to meet some other Fab felines!

This one made my human lose it. She was already close to losing it anyway.

But then she saw this one, and OH MY FLEAS!

Hey- maybe if I convince Twilight I’m a Bobcat, she’ll stop pouncing on me when I’m trying to sleep!