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Cat Massage

Just what I needed, Mom.

Your Cat Would love a Massage!

Have you ever noticed how your cat loves to be stroked? Did you know that cats can benefit from a gentle massage, just like humans? They can! Gentle massage can soothe and relax your cat, calm an anxious cat, improve circulation and relieve pain as well as strenghtening the bond between you!

And the best part is, spending that time gently massaging your cat, will also lower your blood pressure and give you health benefits of your own. The next time your cat seems stressed, anxious, or bored, try spending a few minutes giving it a massage and see if you don’t both relax and feel better afterward- your cat will love it!

You don’t actually have to have a kitty salon- but you can still make your cat feel like she’s been to one! Just give her (or him) – a lot of love!