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The Llama in the Living Room

Photo by Josiah Farrow (Pexels)

It’s getting real now….

What the flea??

Lately the Can Opener has a thing for Llamas. Yes, Llamas.

Photo by Jiri Mikolas (Pexels)

I’ve always known she liked those long-necked oddities, but I never thought I’d see the day that she would actually try to MAKE one! I mean, that’s God’s job- (frankly, I think He probably does it better)… just sayin’.

But last night she said that since she’s been seeing Llamas everywhere – (even in the toddler’s make-up party kit she bought for Lily’s Christmas present)- She wanted to MAKE a llama for Lily’s Birthday!

Well, I’ve seen those hay and fruit eating fuzzballs, and I wasn’t crazy about her attempting to bring one into my lair. I jumped up on the highest shelf of the desk (knocking down everything I could while I was at it)- and decided to make sure that no matter how long that thing’s neck is, it won’t be able to get to me.

You know, I rather like it up here… It’s closer to the heater, and now that I’ve cleared all Mom’s Christmas decorations and junk off it- (and I’m up close to the top of the oval mirror she has on the wall, so I can admire myself)… I just may make this my favorite spot. And, if there’s going to be a Llama invasion, they can’t get their furry muzzles on me.

And about that Llama she was trying to make, I was wondering how exactly she was planning on pulling that one off – but she DID it! I kept winding myself in all sorts of weird positions trying to see what she was doing (from up on the very top of the desk shelves)- but I couldn’t see, so I decided if she actually managed to make a Llama, I’d smell him and still have time to hide before he could notice me and I just took a nap.

Then, hours later- at MIDNIGHT, she declared it done!

Well, GEEZ! She could’ve told me it was only going to be a TOY!

But that means the critter will be back to get her “Llama-” so I’m staying up as high as I can get!