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Something Every Cat or Dog Parent needs to know NOW

We’re sounding the alarm!

REAL Seresto Collars are AMAZING! They really do kill and repel fleas, and ticks for a full 8 months even after we get caught in the rain, and they don’t make us feel sick or cause nasty reactions. We love them!

BUT there are fakes out there that look like the real thing and you need to know how to spot them so you don’t get cheated out of great flea treatment in order to save money.

We don’t want you to get ripped off!

*Our human didn’t produce this video- but is only sharing it so others can know how to avoid being ripped off like she and the Critters’ parents did. Please watch and thank the creator of the video.*

Our Can Openers have been using only Seresto Collars for us for the last couple of years – (well, one year for Sushi, since she’s new to the family), and they have always been happy with them because they’ve never caused us any negative reactions, and they have always worked just as advertised.

But a couple of months ago, she saw “a great deal” online, and purchased a 3 pack for $40.00. She was thrilled to be able to buy not one, but 3 collars for less than the normal cost of one.

But, as we discovered the “great deal” wasn’t so great. She had looked carefully at the packaging to make sure it had the “Bayer” logo on it first, and it did – but then, the collars seemed to take forever to arrive. When they did, all the little reflectors that come with it were closed in the package and couldn’t be opened to be attached.

And she thought the collars looked different than they should, but they came in a factory sealed tin like the ones she’d previously bought, so she didn’t pay attention to it.

But one week after putting the collars on us, she was still seeing fleas… and we were scratching almost constantly. Then Sushi began chewing continuously at herself and her chest and belly and pulled out several chunks of her fur. After that she started throwing up.

After a few weeks the human took the collars off us because they seemed to be making us miserable and the fleas weren’t going anywhere. When she did, she found scabs on Sushi’s neck right under the collar- several on both sides of her neck and under her chin.

This was the first time a so-called “Seresto” collar had caused us any problems, and the little ones’ parents had also purchased Seresto collars for Abby and Serafina as well (online)- because our Can Opener had found them for such a great price.

Unfortunately, they had the very same problem after a couple of weeks with Serafina and Abby also. That’s when they took their kitties to the vet because Abby was pulling off big chunks of fur just like Sushi had. That is when the vet told them that there were counterfeit Seresto collars being sold online. The vet took time to show them how to know the genuine Seresto collars from the fake “bargain” ones.

Needless to say our humans are really upset that there are those out there who will go to such lengths to defraud consumers in the middle of a pandemic when people are struggling for the necessities of daily life and because of it animals are suffering, and so are their owners when they think they are providing the best they can for their pets and still have to watch them suffer needlessly.

Please be aware when you purchase flea treatments for your pets that even if it costs a little more, you are better off purchasing from your vet or a reliable, established pet store, such as Chewy.com or Drs.FosterSmith.com. Think of it as purchasing peace of mind as well as a great, trusted product.